Melbourne, Australia. December 26th, 2011. 
After its success in India and with clients in US, new borders are crossed by ESPARKINFO and it has penetrated the design arena and competitive design of Australia. A new website, ESPARKINFO web design has been launched by it. The online marketing needs as well as the design will be very well catered by this new website. It will offer the same level of quality and services due to which the company had become very successful in India. Providing top notch design services is the main aim of the company. It is surely a best appeal to the wider clientele’s needs.
Aside from launching web design, ESPARKINFO also aims for setting up its dedicated office in Melbourne, Australia. This is a major business and a cultural hub in the country. The increasing demand for quality, expanding services, efficient internet marketing efforts and award winning designs have been signified by this move. The new office as well as the new website will be serving as a regional hub for the products and services that are provided by the company. The new website will also implement all the services that are promoted in India. Thus, high quality results can be expected by the clients when it will come to any which is related to optimizing a website and designing it.
The focus of ESPARKINFO is on three areas. 
Web design
Strict rules and standards for high quality graphics for web and websites are followed by the web design services offered by ESPARKINFO. It has been a major player when it comes to the award winning web design services. Top notch results are provided by the company for the clientele. This is evident on the portfolio that is seen on the website. This is also available to new clients for seeing in the web design website.
Web development
Only the creation of top notch websites is not enough. This is why even development and e-commerce web design services will also be covered. Creating highly reliable websites that are very easy to change and use as per the client’s needs is very vital. Production and video editing service will also be included by the company. There is a growing demand for rich content. Thus, it is very important to have web videos that have been optimized for internet connections. Creation of e-commerce solutions and high quality videos is also one of the highly reliable and unique services offered by ESPARKINFO.
SEO and marketing
This new company is a hub for various optimization services that are aimed by the client. The company is highly specialized in SEO services.  Other marketing services such as social media marketing, internet marketing, email marketing, content writing and social media marketing are also provided. The clients have proved each service as highly reliable ones. The demand of the clients for high ranking websites is met easily.
Thus, this company is very good and its main focus is on successful marketing, modern design and variety of other services for promotion and creation of effective websites.
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