What Needs to be Investigated?
Before an investigation can begin it must be determined what exactly needs to be investigated.  Complaints based on gossip and idle talk may or may not be of concern.  If the conduct is off-duty there are restrictions in state’s laws that may limit the use of disciplinary action in such cases.  When faced with a harassment or discrimination workplace complaint there is a legal responsibility to insure an impartial investigation is conducted and proper action is taken.  It is important to determine if the complaint may be a violation of law or company policy.
Who Should Conduct Work Place Investigations?
Most HR professionals or business owners have never had formal training in conducting work place investigations. On the job training is not an option when investigating complex and often sensitive investigations.
J&R Folino, LLC, Private Investigation Services has the training and Human Resource and internal investigation experience to work with you on proper handling of these complex and often sensitive investigations to help protect your company from expensive litigation.  Our investigators have received certificates of training in the “Process of Workplace Investigations” from Business Controls Inc.” a nationally recognized training program approved by the HR Certification Institute.
When your organization, private or public, is in need of an internal investigation you need a trained team with investigative experience. J&R investigators will assess the scope and nature of the problem and determine the investigative steps necessary to achieve a successful outcome.  We strive to protect the integrity of your corporation or public entity and ensure the safety of its employees.
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