Portland, OR – Columbia Pest Control, a Portland based pest control company, is currently celebrating its 24th anniversary.

Portland, OR – Columbia Pest Control, a Portland based pest control company, is currently celebrating its 24th anniversary.

Established in 1989, Columbia Pest Control has been a community leader in the pest control industry for 24 years. They are independently owned and operate with the founding members. As a leader within the community, Columbia Pest Control offers the most up to date environmentally safe pest control services and practices. In an effort to help preserve the environment and aid animal welfare, small animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, and related animals are removed and relocated through a humane, non-lethal, trap and release method.

In addition, Columbia Pest Control assures anyone who is searching for eco safe pest control that the company utilizes environmentally substances on insects in order to ensure the customer’s family, pets and plants will not be harmed. Safety and health are Columbia Pest Control’s top priorities.

“[They] got rid of the carpenter ant problems both at our home and one of our rental units.” said Mr. Stafford, a repeat client of Columbia Pest Control in a recent interview. “Follow-up was great. We'll recommend Columbia Pest Control to anybody.”

For their 24th anniversary, the company has released documents proving that they exceed pest control insurance requirements and hold additional insurance and bonding for their technician's licenses for pest control. All employees are required to attend seminars as well as training to stay up to date with current application methods, safety issues, and regulations regarding pest control and management.

As the leader in pest control Portland, the 24 year old company has an extensive client list which includes agencies such as the Washington County Housing Authority, Food Service Industry customers, and property management companies such as Bluestong and Hockley, West Hills Management. The company also services areas such as health care facilities, the food service and hospitality industries, property management companies, government facilities, retail stores, warehouses, commercial buildings and real estate.

For more information on pest control Portland, Oregon or surrounding areas, or to book an estimate for Portland pest control services, visit their website at www.columbiapestcontrol.com.
About Columbia Pest Control Inc
Columbia Pest Control has offered fast, dependable and environmentally safe pest control, eradication services, and maintenance plans throughout the greater Portland, OR area for over 30 years.

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