Yamunadensons provides cold shrink indoor terminations upto 36 kv for XLPE cable The Cold Shrink Accessories are supplied from the factory in a pre-expanded condition and placed on a removable core. Reliable insulation and high-recovery elasticity, the cable will keep its radial pressure permanently, making the contact surface closely jointed together. Each Termination will generally consist of the termination body, insulation tubing and sealing tubing. The Cold Shrink accessories can be widely used in various regions, especially suitable for high level region, cold weather region, high-humidity region, salt-fog region & high-polluted region


we have adopted special silicon rubber, which will keep its radial pressure permanently ensuring environmental & electrical protection, Reliable, superior insulation & high-recovery elasticity. Also we have components like Cold Shrink Insulation Tube , Cold shrink Breakout ,Cold Shrink Sealing Tube ,Roll Spring, Sealing Mastic, Void Filler, Copper Mesh, Phase Color Marking Tape, Semi-Conductive Tape, Silicon Grease, Copper Binding Wire, Cleaning Tissue, Abrasive Strap, and Plastic Glove etc. possessing a series of superior performance such as anti-pollution, long usage, hydrophobic, cold-withstanding etc.


Cold Shrink Indoor Terminations Manufacturers, the cold shrink tube creates a dynamic, compressive environmental seal and electrical interface without sealants. The term ' cold shrink' is applied to materials, which are capable of shrinking without raising the material above the ambient temperature of its immediate surroundings. Just pull out the plastic expansion core from the silicon rubber center and the stress cone will tightly shrink into position. reliable, superior insulation with high-recovery elasticity; denson cold shrink employs a special silicon rubber formulation which keeps its radial pressure. This permanently ensures the highest integrity of environmental & electrical protection. superior hermetic sealing, for cable splicing, densons has adopted a triple hermetic sealing technology. Our cold shrink product line has a long and proven track record showing superior performance in high pollution, salt laden, thermally divergent locations.


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