Shanghai, China, June 05, 2014 – Chinaccelerator, China’s first and only seed-funded mentorship-driven program for software-related startups, just hosted its Batch V Demo Day in Shanghai last week. Ten exhausted but excited teams of entrepreneurs emerged from the confines of the Chinaccelerator laboratories and showed the world what they had been innovating and cranking on.

Shanghai, China, June 05, 2014 – Chinaccelerator, China’s first and only seed-funded mentorship-driven program for software-related startups, just hosted its Batch V Demo Day in Shanghai last week. Ten exhausted but excited teams of entrepreneurs emerged from the confines of the Chinaccelerator laboratories and showed the world what they had been innovating and cranking on.

Chinaccelerator (a member of The Global Accelerator Network) runs bi-annually from Shanghai, inviting the top 10 technology-based startup companies from around the world to attend its world-class 3-month program. These 10 teams have been growing concepts to reality over the last 90 days, shedding buckets of blood, sweat and tears, and are finally ready to present their product or service to the world.

In 2011, Chinaccelerator graduate OrderWithMe won TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing. They have since raised their series B round, and together with other past graduates such as Splitforce, Launchpilots, Seeder, Aylien, Buz, Piktochart, Kwestr, eProf, KaiBa, Tuicool, 7colors, Social Agent and Appfuel, we have a very formidable track record of success. However, the crazy geeks this year have outdone themselves and are proudly representing Chinaccelerator in carrying its torch forward.

The nine companies below are the portfolio companies that formed the Batch V in Spring 2014:
Agada is dedicated to helping Chinese cancer patients find trusted, quality health care options in America. They hold themselves to the highest levels of integrity and transparency in their mission to help those in need, which are patients who have exhausted their medical options in China. Agada helps patients to find options for life-prolonging solutions by providing a list of inspected and certified healthcare providers for patients to choose. With an Agada certified provider, a patient can be sure that they are not only getting the best health travel service, but also receive services tailored to Chinese patients while in an American hospital. They inspect facilitators and hospitals on a yearly basis, monitor customer satisfaction results on a quarterly basis, and work with facilitators and hospitals constantly to ensure they stay true to their promise of providing quality service for Chinese patients.

Asyncode radically simplifies software development. They enable anyone with basic HTML and CSS skills to build fully-fledged applications for solving everyday problems. Asyncode Platform leverages the company's own HTML-like language and a powerful query language for full stack software development. Both are super easy to learn and intuitive for anyone with basic HTML and CSS skills (Codecademy level). They provide a PaaS solution to host apps written in their language in a scalable and secure environment, so that users do not need to deal with any technical issues. Additionally, there will be support services to help users when they get stuck. A person with an idea for an app to solve a problem they face, can now do so without relying on developers and IT specialists who are increasingly in short supply (there are 1 million unfilled IT jobs both in the US and the EU). is an app tailored to a user's appetite. connects users' mood with the perfect meal. They solve the question of "What do you want to eat" by linking user's emotions and mood to personal food recommendations. Making food decisions easy, in less than 10 seconds users will go from 'Chi Shen Ma?(what to eat in Chinese)' to 'Chi Bao Le'(getting full).

Daily Themes offers personalized writing improvement to the billion-plus internet users who speak English as a Second Language and cannot express themselves fluently in written English. Users are encouraged to write regularly on our free and open community about their everyday life and their interests. They receive personalized suggestions for improvement that are based on their writing patterns. Users can read, comment on, and learn from each others’ work. To improve even faster, users may upgrade to receive detailed reviews and corrections from experts with Cambridge University qualifications.They are determined to help students and young professionals from all over the world write better and achieve their full potential.

Eventurers app solves the problems generated by over 8000 exhibitions held in China every year, as well as thousands of conferences, trade shows, seminars and workshops. Eventurers is a mobile platform that allows event organizers to publish and share event information and create unique and innovative channels for exposure and engagement, unlocking a breadth of new revenue streams.
Giftpass makes it easy for users to send e-gift cards via the most popular instant messenger platform in China WeChat, redeemable at local merchants anytime, anywhere. offers instant, hassle-free redemption, so the recipients are grateful not only for the gift, but also for the convenience. Merchants love, because once they become a partner, all their merchandise becomes electronically gift-able. takes gifting mobile.

Neonan's mission, to help "guys become better men", is a social movement that has attracted million upon millions of Asian guys across all age and backgrounds, and has made them China No.1's men digital publication for fitness and dating advice. Their job is to empower young men to become the best version of themselves. NeoNan's videos has over billion of views on China's network, which is a testimonial of their singular focus on creating content that is aspirational yet inclusive. They work with brands as partners rather than clients, companies whose ideas and brands stories can enrich and contribute to their mission rather than distract from it.

NYCareerElite facilitates hands-on working experiences for Chinese university students by connecting them with international start-ups and entrepreneurs online. In NYCreerElite Online Internships, students learn, work and excel, anywhere, anytime. NYCreerElite's network of entrepreneurs and start-ups provide online internship programs and valuable mentorship to empower Chinese students with the practical skills and professional communication abilities necessary for success in the global economy today. The mission of NYCreerElite is to prepare students for their future careers while “getting a foot in the door” at their desired industries. NYCreerElite is proud to be associated with Peabody, the #1 ranked education school in the world.

Shophop's team lives to optimize adventures. Less time wasted, cooler places explored, more people befriended wherever a person goes globetrotting – that's their dream. ShopHop is a curated fashion guide that makes style serendipity easier: they save users' time by providing curated expertise of local shopping for any item, location, style, or mood based on their tastes. Shophop's advice starts from Shanghai and Hong Kong and it will open up to every Asian shopping mecca from Bangkok to Tokyo. Interested users can read the best local bloggers, plan shop outings with friends, dig into deals & pop-up stores, and buy from the slickest local boutiques right from their smartphones.

Chinnaccelerator is again open for applications from the best startups around the world that want to leverage their extraordinary curriculum. More information is available for interested teams at

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