The First Collaborative World Market Index is Officialy Live.

Leading Paragraph:, the next generation of business news and professional social networking coupled with business intelligence tools, is about to release the FIRST, collaborative world market index.

San Francisco, CA -- Not from the Silicon Valley, but Brittany, France – is being officially released via an Indiegogo campaign ( and will step into the limelight.
After remaining completely anonymous for 3 years, a young start-up, Inventiv Solutions, is challenging the business world with this completely new concept, using cutting-edge technologies.

If from innovation technology, one expects unconventional ideas, no-one was quite expecting’s  “move-fast-and-break-things” philosophy.  
Inventiv Solutions is asking the world to help build the first collaborative world index where the environmental, social and economic DNA structure of the most influential companies is exposed.

Though in its infancy, looks GIGANTIC (Montaneus translates “mountainous” or gigantic) by means of its goals as expressed on Indiegogo and the fact it already presents a number of tech features that can make a true difference.

At the intersection between a collaborative business news platform and a professional social network using semantic technologies, differentiates itself from the traditional giants like Linkedin, Digg, Forbes and Google news.

With the world changing as much around us as it is, customers change their product and service providers, regularly. Technology is ever-changing. The market demand is changing. So, the best position is to have the most powerful business investigative tool.

Inventiv Solutions developed this very specific tool for profesionnals to help them find new customers, new partners and affiliates, generate new sales, renew sales to lapsed or lost customers and, above all, to view their position in an ever-changing market.

Moreover, with the Montaneus search engine, not only can every subscriber have access to the positive and negative news on any industry (more than 10 industries) from any location (more than 196 countries and states) and from any keywords, but can, also, vote up or down on the companies cited in the news, giving birth to an unprecedented and real-time world market index.

How will early adopters and technology fiends react to this new social platform?
Well, only time will tell whether people actually want a structural change in the world economy and will help build a user-base and sizeable traction for this website.  However, Inventiv Solutions urges them to give it a fair trial and believes that creating transparency in markets, businesses and products will give a genuine competitive advantage to companies and professionals.

Montaneus is a fully featured website (contrary to the other Indiegogo projects presented) and is currently in a private beta mode. People can access the platform now via a $29 donation on Indiegogo. Inventiv Solutions has a $100,000(US) stretch goal that will allow the official launch of in January, 2014 .  

As  mentionned in the Indiegogo campaign, Inventiv Solutions is not from the stylish and bubbly Silicon Valley, but from a seed accelerator in the “Lannionnaise Vallée” of Brittany, France and presents itself as a serious contender to all traditional business news websites.

Contact: Laura Mitnik, CEO of Inventiv Solutions,, Technopole Anticipa, 4 rue Ampère, 22300 Lannion, France.

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