Tackling Search Engine Innovations

There are search engine innovations happening all the time, some with deep effects on search rankings. It is important to stay on guard and monitor every change. Google Panda has been by far the most groundbreaking innovation in recent months, but other search engines have also picked up the pace and innovated.

Google Panda - a Possible Milestone in Search

Panda is arguably the most poignant development since Google introduced PageRank. There may not have been very significant changes between PageRank and Panda - though the addition of pictures and videos in search results, Google Caffeine and Google Instant have made their presence felt in between. Google’s Panda update has penalized low quality sites, considerably affecting their page ranking. Websites with content copied from other sites have suffered considerably, with the Panda update focusing on reducing the amount of spam on the internet.

Be Watchful of Every Trend and Search Result

Professional SEO firms such as MOS SEO Services monitor each and every change deeply, predict the changes likely to occur and prepare their clients’ SEO strategies and website modifications accordingly to assist them in tackling search engine innovations. Carrying out these changes are content writers, SEO experts, online marketing and ecommerce experts, and other technical staff working for MOS SEO who put their expertise to work to deliver the best results for their clients.
Helping You Succeed in the Age of Google Panda – MOS SEO Services

Google Panda can be adapted to new algorithmic changes and platforms, and it is likely to stay on for quite some time. There are many prominent sites that have been adversely affected by the change in rankings, and the debate is ongoing whether Google Panda has truly served the purpose in arresting low quality and static information sites. But whether your site has been affected or not, MOS SEO Services can help you update your strategy successfully for tackling search engine innovations and not just survive the storm, but ride it.  

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