Network Attached Storage (NAS) – Development In Technological World

Mass Mountain is IT Company established 30 years ago and located in Minnesota, which deals in offering data storage systems and remote backup. We offer various SAN and NAS (network attached storage) systems or technology to make the networking between remote systems stronger and better. We aim at offering high performance of the remote network, which is mostly for the business purpose. We have specialized and expert system engineers that have experience in most areas of IT like Storage Management, Linux, Storage Network Architecture, Solaris, Network Architecture, Backup Software, Virtual Server Technology, Windows, SAN and network attached storage (NAS). The main purpose of our technologies is to host various types of data and applications for business.

Our company’s network attached storage (NAS) technology is supported by our DSS (data storage server). We offer people to add these NAS systems along with DSS to enhance the capability of the network. As a fact, if include our alpine systems with NAS, people will get NAS failover with it. With NAS (network attached storage), the network will have 3 topologies operating and configured into it, offering larger storage area for various sized networks. There are 3 main features, i.e. Automated Volume Failover, replication and snapshot, which allow a disaster proof scenario for the business. NAS is generally added into the Alpine series of our company that includes iSCSI SAN, Fibre-Channel SAN, Network Attached Storage and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Our company’s major technical services include various systems that can enhance the performance of working on databases and backups. The services, along with NAS (network attached storage), are Computer Server, Desktop and Network Sales, Network Trouble Shooting, Network Maintenance, Cloud Compatible Data Storage Systems, Data Retrieval from disk, tape and optical drives, Off Site Server and Workstation Data Backup and Data Management Storage, Back Up and Archival Solutions. Our company has expert consultants that offer solutions to people after thorough research of the problems faced by people. For people, who want to get network attached storage (NAS) can contact our executives for buying it or any other service; people can visit our websites for information.

Contact Details:

Mass mountain
73 East County Road B
Saint Paul, Minnesota, MN 55117, United States

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