TightInformer´s News Ticker Increases Corporate Productivity

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TightProjector Software announces the release of the new TightInformer 1.0 - a tool to send simple text messages over the network and to display them on recipient´s computer as a ticker.

In a bigger company network messaging is veins the workflow runs through. Indeed, in many cases network messages are faster than calling a phone and are more convenient too. Also, administration can broadcast messages to all employees at once greatly increasing productivity and inter-division operation efficiency.

TightInformer instantly sends text messages across network recipients, but unlike most of typical messaging software it displays messages as a news ticker. So a user sees not just a notification of an upcoming message, but the message itself. Chances the information passes unheeded are minimal with a ticker.

TightInformer works in cooperation with TightProjector - a tool to broadcast images across the network - or individually. Each computer in the network can receive messages as long as TightReceiver, a client application, is installed. This way a network administrator, a company director, or any other administrative manager can send event notifications, corporative announcements, news, security warnings. The tool can also be used as a way to deliver simple text information on big screens in public places: shops, malls, airports and so on.

Thanks to its affordable price, TightInformer fits business of any size and allows resolving productivity issues faster than with any other messaging solutions. A customizable ticker running on user´s screen keeps him or her informed about the latest working schedule, upcoming meetings and other crucial corporate info - with minimum chances to pass unseen.

Pricing and availability

TightInformer is available on Windows 98, XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows Server 2003 and 2008. The cost of a license is $29. A site-license is also available.


Product website: http://www.tightprojector.com
Download: http://www.tightprojector.com/download.html


TightProjector Software is a developer of the network messaging software of the same name. The company also offers TightProjectorSDK, a library that can be used for developing
applications for broadcasting the screen of a particular computer to the Local-Area Network (LAN), TightReceiver, a client messaging application, and TightInformer to send text messages over the network.

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