Rainbow, The Custom Color Keyboard for iOS

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Bits&Coffee has released Rainbow 1.0, a new iPhone and iPad keyboard app with a great selection of themes that bring color to the grayish iOS system keyboard.

The ability to change the standard keyboard on iPhone/iPad is perhaps the best feature of iOS 8 since users have long been bored with the standard grayish keyboard that looks very similar to the original 2007 iPhone keyboard.

The Rainbow keyboard brings stylish colorful themes to the iPhone and iPad screen. Changing the keyboard theme is as easy as 1-2-3 and the user has a collection of 12 beautifully crafted keyboards to choose from.

The Rainbow keyboard will feel familiar to any iPhone or iPad user since it is using the same layout and functionality as the standard keyboard with auto-capitalization, special characters, sounds, and special layouts.

Additionally, the Rainbow keyboard has the option to display the letters on the keyboard as lower case, when typing in lower case.

Bits&Coffee greatly values their user´s privacy. The Rainbow keyboard will not record key strokes nor send them over the Internet. The "Allow Full Access" option is only required to implement features that are not otherwise possible.

Price and availability
Rainbow v. 1.0 is a completely usable free app with no advertising. Additionally, Rainbow has premium features locked under a single in-app purchase ($0.99). This is a universal iOS app that runs on all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with support for iOS version 8.


iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id926242485
App website: http://rainbowkeyboard.com/


Since 2007, Bits&Coffee has been developing and marketing multimedia apps on iOS, Mac, and Windows. In addition to Rainbow for iOS the company also offers VideoMix, VideoStory, VideoSound, and PhotoMarks.

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