Netedge is announcing the release of its real estate CRM software

New Delhi, May 26, 2011: Netedge, an IT company that has seen more than a decade epoch of its golden success in the respective arena, is now launching its most awaited real estate CRM on the market pleasing its patrons by enabling them to be more organized and more efficient than ever.
If you are in the real estate commerce then more often would face the problem related to your business as it is not that much organized and faster as you want it to be. Here is one solution that is launched recently in the market by one of the most prestigious company in the sector. This software is going to take all the worries and stress related to your concern off you.
‘We want to develop such system that could be more than a human itself. A system that could work for you when you are just ready to take flight of your endeavor that is constructed on the grounds of your hard labor and strong will power. A system that would serve you right there when you are ready to grow while having more of a life, with less stress, less mistakes and even with less staff.  A system that could bring more referrals, more compliments and above all better services for you.’ - One spokesperson reportedly talked to the media delicates on the occasion.  
The company has set the least price arrangement for its software. This is that slot that could be either equivalent to those which are already on the market or could be less than those. The company will be beat neither on the price nor on the services of its product that exceeds those all are already on the competition.
The real estate software is designed to facilitate the management and the maintenance of the customer and information on the projects and payments in real estate industry. The product not only ensures the effective monitoring and control of on – going projects but also enables the company to deal with pre and post launch modules, payment plans, customer contacts, inventory and stocks. The system can also generate the queries and the reports for any real estate company.
In a nutshell, it could be said that the product is worthwhile to be deployed successfully in any real estate industry and is capable enough to deal with the intricacy of such kind of business.
About the company:
The Netedge is a renowned name in the Information Technology field and has earned goodwill among its global patrons. The company is famous for its end to end IT solutions that not only are world class in quality but also keep pace with the ever changing technological aspects. The company is going to take all the stress off their clientele’s shoulders with its new launch. Seeing the efficiency of this new system, it is being supposed the product is going to be the helping hand for any real estate industry in the coming period.
For more info, please contact:
A - 14, Sector - 7
Noida - 201 301
India Phone: (120)-242-3809
Fax: (120)-242-3279

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