Free Edition of Report Generator List & Label Handles IMB - More than Fifty Barcode Formats Supported by Free Reporting Tool

German software house combit informs that the Free Edition of report writer List & Label can handle over 50 kinds of barcodes; i.a. the IMB, which is needed for bulk mail in the USA. The fully serviceable Free Edition offers nearly the full selection of functions of the Standard Edition worth over 850 USD.

"With the List & Label Free Edition we offer programmers a well-proven tool for generating a huge variety of barcodes and other report objects with their applications," explains List & Label project manager Jochen Bartlau. He explains: "In contrast to other development components List & Label provides the most flexibility with reference to the type of data that can be reported, the amount of programming languages supported and the amount of export and barcode formats provided." The List & Label reporting component has been obtainable for over eighteen and there are countless enthusiastic customers (among others Shell Oil Products, Siemens) and press reviews worldwide. According to Jochen Bartlau the Free Edition of List & Label appears as a wonderful selection:  "If programmers want to use a field-tested high-end component in their application, but hesitate to invest hundreds of dollars, the List & Label Free Edition should spring to mind as the development components of choice."

The List & Label Free Edition supports plenty of export formats like JPEG, XPS, TIFF, XML and XLS. It integrates fast and supports a huge number of programming languages. In contrast to the paid editions, the List & Label Free Edition lacks the unlimited run time of the List & Label Designer, and a watermark shows up on each printout and export file. However, the end user can acquire an unlock code for only EUROS 29 / US-$ 41 (exchange rate as of May 25, 2011) to remove the watermark and to access the Report Designer to enhance reports by adding a company logo or letter head. The developer can upgrade to a full List & Label edition at any time.

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Product specification report generator List & Label:
With the combit List & Label report generator, coders can outfit their indivudual applications smoothly and fast with adequate functions to generate reports, statistics, forms, lists and labels. The report generator for great reporting functions is available in English or German. It can deal with almost all character sets and can be accomodated into a huge number of programming languages. Language Kits for the Designer are accessible in many foreign languages. The Standard Edition of List & Label 16 is available beginning with EUROS 610 / USD 871, Subscription Editions Professional beginning with € 1160 / US-$ 1657 and Enterprise starting at € 1760 / US-$ 2514 net. The Enterprise Edition includes all language kits, for other editions they are available from € 120 / US-$ 170 (exchange rate as of May 25, 2011).

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