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As a website that is the most sought-after for helpful reviews on camping equipment, OutdoorExerciseIdeas.com covers a panoptic rage of equipment, their spotlight this time focused on Tentipi Nordic Adventure camping tents.

NEW YORK, NY (August 12th,2014) – OutdoorExerciseIdeas.com highlights the pros and cons of this fully equipped series of Tentipi Nordic Adventure camping tents as they are few of the most well designed tents available in the market. With origins from the Swedish Lapland, these tents have been engineered to suit all terrains and seasonal conditions all year long while still retaining some of their traditional traits, despite the advanced features. The three tents of the adventure series are Safir, Zirkon and Onyx, all of which come equipped with additional utile features.

The fabric is of high-quality and of a breathable cotton/Polyesther material that keep the tents light weight; only 3.5Kg for 6 members, making them highly portable. They also keep out moisture, rain and other forms of condensation which is an immense advantage.

The winning feature of this series is the innovative stove and chimney opening that allows backpackers to enjoy a campfire within the tent and away from harsh elements of nature. The height of the tents have been perfectly designed for the escape of smoke and hot air from the top opening with the subsequent inflow of cool air from the base entrance, thereby maintaining a pleasant, humid free environment within the tents. The well-chosen height also prevents the toppling of the tents during thunderstorms, earning them the title of an “award winning design”.

The shapes of the tents have also been prudently designed to be symmetrical with stretched seams and reinforcements at the bottom that secure their attachment during even the toughest weather. The single pole canvas tipi tents are engineered for maximum comfort as they even has mosquito protection sewn into the openings, ensuring an anxious free camp in the wilderness.

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