M57 Sniper BB gun now available at special discounted prices

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M57 gives a life like sniper rifle feel and is marked for its accuracy and distance. This can simply improve and enhance your shooting experience with a better performance each time.

United Kingdom. February 22, 2012. Best BB guns now introduces the powerful M57 sniper BB gun at special discounted prices.
If one loves shooting and is looking for a powerful gaming gun this M57 BB gun is the weapon of choice. Marked for high distance and pin point accuracy this can certainly allow take the shooting experience to extreme levels.
The M57A is a full scale spring powered sniper rifle featuring the variable Hop-up feature for that extra distance and incredible accuracy. This BB gun is capable of shooting an amazing 350 foot per second. The M57A is made from durable plastic and metal just weighs just under 2 kilograms to give that life like sniper rifle feel. To get you started this rifle comes with 100 BB pellets.
And this BB gun wouldn’t be available anywhere else at such a lower price than the BestBB Guns. The actual price of this M57 BB gun is £ 174.99 but when you buy it from the Best BB Guns you have it at a £ 30 discount. So now you just have to pay the price of £144.99. More details about this BB gun there on the website http://www.bestbbguns.co.uk and one can have the pricing details from there.
To place orders for this gun online one can also place orders at 0203 137 1244.

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