Our very own Matthew Januszek talks to the 41 year old trainer about his own personal goals and methodologies. The interview in itself is a perfect guide for any PT or aspiring PT who wants to make a strong, respectable name for themselves in the PT industry, particularly those who want to train athletes, “Fear of losing is a driver.” Booth told Matt in response to Matt’s question about what inspires him, “the obsessions to succeed in all you do and an obsession about the field you’re in is tantamount to being a success in the physical fitness arena!”

An interesting discussion point that Matt broached too was how he stays so current in his training, when training an athlete or any client for that matter isn’t the challenge always to keep current? Stay relevant? But most importantly to stay varied? The last thing we want is bored client’s right? Booth offered that the trick to staying relevant is by looking in places you wouldn’t expect to see cutting edge workouts, “Inspiration is everywhere, and it’s available to us for free.”

Booth was training a seasoned professional, Chris Okah, the day he met David Haye in 1996. Booth had already been on an incredibly fraught journey himself when he met the young David Haye (who was only 15) “I boxed as a light-welterweight at the Lynn [amateur boxing club in South London],” Booth said. “I had 48 bouts and won 40. I agreed to turn professional with Mickey Duff, but my career ended when I broke my leg playing football.” While training is a poor second-best to competing for many, Booth discovered his calling when he met Haye, who shared his love of the sport. So it’s easy to understand why Booth is so passionate about what he does, he’s been on a full circle journey and experienced the world of training and sports from very different angles.

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