Choosing the Best Lean Agent Training Program: A Concise Guide

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Information technology is gradually changing the way businesses used to be operated even a decade back. Now-a-days, companies are aiming to make huge profits using fewer resources.

Information technology is gradually changing the way businesses used to be operated even a decade back. Now-a-days, companies are aiming to make huge profits using fewer resources. Lean 6 Sigma tools are there to lift agent capabilities and these agile techniques are helping in broad-spectrum growth of companies that are investing in lean agent training and development. If you are an entrepreneur looking for the perfect training program for your agents, choosing Six Sigma certification and consultation services can be highly beneficial for your company. Lean Six Sigma can help you with building and sustaining robust IT frameworks. How to choose a lean agent Six Sigma training for your employees? Here below are some tips.
Choosing the best lean program for your employees
You need to take in consideration a variety of factors before choosing an agent training program. Here below are few things you should look for.
·         See if the format of the training program can help individuals to integrate Black and Green belt programs.
·         Check if individuals with Green Belt certification can directly pursue 6 Sigma Black Belt training programs
·         A good training program should come with project and technical support for the entire time length of the program.
·         Enrollees can get adequate project support for before the class starts
·         See whether certified Lean masters conduct these classes or not. Instructors conducting these classes should receive positive ratings and reviews.
·         Are PDUs and CEUs taught during the training program?
·         Does the program establish a connection between lean project management and Six Sigma?
·         Is the certification included in the program cost?
Key features of a good training program
A lean agent training program offered by a reputable Six Sigma institute should focus on individual learning and growth, interaction and the expected outcomes. A good training program should assure you about the following:
·         All the participants are given detailed manuals (accompanied with presentation screen shots) along with instructions.
·         Course mentors have considerable industry experience which can be highly instrumental in learning Six Sigma and lean manufacturing.
·         Participants are given extensive support during the projects.
·         Participants are delivered pre-course project assistance by email or phone.
·         Participants are also given project support after the training is over.
·         Certificates are issued after the training is complete. Participants are also conferred with certificates for taking part in and completing projects.
What is a Lean 6 Sigma Certification?
Many Six Sigma training institutes allow participants to add their Green Belt/Black belt training programs with the Lean agent training. As a result, they receive Six Sigma certification. Lean 6 Sigma training can be highly beneficial in developing corporate strategy roadmaps, stabilizing key processes, implementing continuous process improvement across all levels, establishing causalities etc.
If you want to know more about lean Six Sigma training programs and help your agents pursue the right training program, you ought to look up the web for comparing training programs offered by different institutes. You should know the price, about duration and course details and many other things apart from the ones listed above.  
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