New Youth Ministry Resource from Creative Youth Ideas Helps Youth Workers in Their Struggle to Deliver Sermons that Interest Youth

Recently launched book Creative Sermon Ideas ( enjoys a strong first week of sales at launch showing need for further development of youth sermon, preaching, and teaching resources for youth work.
Ask any youth what the high point of the Sunday service is and I'm quite certain few of them would say it was the sermon. It's not surprising. Youth today are bombarded with hundreds of thousands of messages a day; messages from the TV, movies, radio, internet, advertising, Facebook, Twitter, their friends, parents, to name just a few. They are well versed in using these channels of communication.

Youth find sermons dull not because the Word of God is boring, but because they don't see how it is relevant to them. A common complaint is, "It's always the same old thing." because the application is always the same, does not apply to their personal situation, or worse, there is no application at all. Another gripe they have is, "Sure, I get what they're trying to say, but so what?"  

Youth worker, Ken Sapp, with 20 years international experience working with youth, originally began the Creative Youth Ideas Website to share resources with a few fellow youth workers.  But in just over one year it developed into one of the top ranked Youth Ministry websites on the internet.  His protégé, Joshua Goh, has been a regular contributor on the website and co-writer for many of his resources and books.  When asked, both remember how difficult it was when they first started preaching.  There was little help getting started and their failures at the pulpit made them wish for more resources for youth workers in the area of sermon preparation and delivery.  Now, 20 years down the road, they made the decision to pen their collective thoughts, knowledge, feedback they received, personal experiences, and frequently asked questions about youth sermons and preaching to youth from their Creative Youth Ideas website in this new book - Creative Sermon Ideas.

Already in its first week of launch, youth workers who found the site have been flocking to get themselves a copy as the authors offered Creative Sermon Ideas and one of their highly successful books, Creative Object Lessons at a significant discount package.

One of them, Victoria Craig, Youth Pastor of Lynn Haven Church of God, in Panama City, FL says, "My husband and I were just hired as Youth Pastors. Being new at this without a lot of money and resources I began to search the web and found… a really good sermon text on [your] site "Walking on the Water" by Ken Sapp… I am learning to prepare sermons and events for our growing youth ministry [and] I am so thankful for these resources. [It] will help me prepare for a growing ministry to youth in our community as my desire is to reach the youth of this city."  

Another Worship Pastor at Solitude Baptist Church, Albertville, AL, Lee Fleming says, "I am the Worship Pastor/Leader here at Solitude and recently I have added student minister to my role. I have been working with youth for several years now from a supporting role… I was searching the web to begin building a library of lessons, activities, sermons, illustrations, etc. Your website seems to fill in a lot of missing pieces that I needed. I haven't had the time to completely search the site but plan to in the upcoming week. So far, thanks for the valuable info I have found."

For more information and help to prepare powerful, life-changing youth sermons that will make youth sit up and listen, look for Creative Sermon Ideas today and find out what many youth workers and youth ministry staff have already discovered.

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