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Nerja is a beautiful and historical burg located in the Costa del Sol region. This is in the province of Málaga, in southern Spain.

    Nerja is a beautiful and historical burg located in the Costa del Sol region. This is in the province of Málaga, in southern Spain. The Sierra de Almijaramountains surround this beautiful seaside resort. Its +320 bright and sunny days each year makes ita great place to visit during any season. Nerjais positioned between small coves untouched by human development.  Surrounded byincredible mountain views, it has a bit of something for everyone:  wonderful beaches but also small coves beneath the breathtaking cliffs of Maro
   If this caught you’re eye and you are thinking of having a special vacation in this little piece of heaven you’ll definitely need accommodation that’s just right for you. The great thing about Nerja is that it offers a wide range of crash pads, you can choose from all sorts of budget friendly hotels but you can also go for a super swank holiday and choose a luxurious 5 stars Nerjahotel. Just make sure that you do your research well before embarking in this Spanish adventure. There are a lot of tempting deals on small travelling agencies websites, and you will definitely find the one which will feed your appetite for a slice of authentic Spain.
   For all those nature lovers who wish to spend most of their holiday money on diving, waterskiing, canoeing, hiking, jeep safaris, paragliding and much more they can opt for a nice and cozy budget friendly Nerjahotel. Most of these hotels have tried to incorporate nature in their designs creating a very pleasant, quiet atmosphere, perfect for relaxation. But if you’re feeling adventurous, prowl through Iberia's prehistory among the stalagmites of Nerja's magical caves. It is quite an experience!
   For those of you who want to be pampered during your vacation there are quite a few luxury options. You’ll find a little bit of something for everyone; from hotels which reminisce of an intriguing and mystique India to elegant Belle Epoque-style boutique hotels, ideal for those of you who want to experience a romantic getaway. No matter what you choose, all of the Nerjahotels are ideal for a sweet escape from the grumpy city. Boredom is definitely not in your dictionary when staying at a luxury Nerja hotel. You can have your pick from the multitude of fun activities that the hotels have in store for you: maybe play an exciting game of tennis with your friends, or just hang out by the pool and enjoy the wonderful service of a Nerja hotel.
   But Nerja is not all about hotels! If you prefer a more free-spirited vacation you can also pick from a penny-saver array of accommodation options. You can rent beautiful apartments which will certainly make you feel like home, you can try the more youthful hostel which will always give you the chance of meeting new and interesting people and, for those of you who want to keep in touch with good old Mother Nature, you can enjoy the stunning countryside, camping at the campsite or in the camping zone in the parkland. With all these possibilities, awe-inspiring views and the amazing diversity of Nerja it would be a crime to overlook this incredible town for your next vacation.
And while you’re there don’t forget to visit the Balcon de Europe, an old fortress, situated on a rocky promontory, for that perfect vacation picture!!!
   This cozy and stylish  Nerja hotel is definitely your host on your next vacation.Nerja  has something up its sleeve to make all its visitors have the time of their life!

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