The concept of serviced apartments, started about 30 years ago in the United States of America, and although a comparatively new phenomenon has now become popular worldwide.


The concept of serviced apartments, started about 30 years ago in the United States of America, and although a comparatively new phenomenon has now become popular worldwide.


Serviced apartments were originally intended to provide tourists and business travellers with a ‘home away from home’ feeling by offering a hotel-like environment in a self-contained apartment.  These fully furnished apartments are first class for companies using them as business accommodation in Londonand just as popular for tourists visiting the city on vacation with families.


These days more and more the need for international travellers is becoming more diverse and serviced apartments in Londonare stepping up to the plate and evolving with the changing needs, thus visitors have more to choose form either a one, two or three bedroom apartment and over the last 10 years has shown a steady increase in facilities, rates and amenities, and has become more competitive than ever.


London receives a huge inflow of tourist traffic year round, some on business trips and some to enjoy a holiday in this popular city, thus the motives behind visiting London can be different for different people, and a great many of these tourists prefer to stay in luxury serviced apartments Londonas compared to hotels.


Serviced accommodation Londonoffers a better standard of accommodation at a lower price than hotels, also a stay can be for a longer period of time with all the comforts of home.  It has been a natural transition from hotel rooms to apartments.  The boom in international travel and the increase in business travel has been the catalyst of interest in comfortable and private apartments and of course this has soared.


The rise in popularity of these serviced apartments is incredible the reason is simple; they have everything that a hotel doesn’t.  A serviced apartment ticks all the boxes for long-term travellers and more importantly for those who are travelling with families, especially small children and just want the comforts of home certainly not what is provided by a hotel room.


The apartment’s accommodation comprises of a kitchen, living area, private bedrooms and bathrooms, furthermore guests still have a maid service, Wi Fi and telephone direct line service, and guests can have all this without the chaos of front-desk lobbies, overcrowded elevators and the general hustle bustle of hotel life.


Londonis home to London Bridge, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, and is undoubtedly a great destination to holiday, and of course accommodation in London can be costly especially staying in London hotels and for this reason, many people prefer to stay in London serviced apartments, and why not, they offer space, comfort and luxury at affordable prices.


A spokesman for Dolphin House part of the Dolphin Square complex located in the heart of Westminster said, “Our apartments are comfortable, private, and completely self-contained, furthermore they are rented out to tourists and business travellers at a very competitive price, and certainly a lot cheaper than a London hotel.  Families travelling to London especially see the advantages of staying in an apartment compared to several hotel rooms.  Check us out online and take a virtual tour around the accommodation you will not be disappointed”.


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