Real Luxury Hotel in Pattaya: Because you’re worth it!

During the Thailand economic boom in the middle of 1980s to 1990s, hotels have been over-built in Pattaya, Chonburi. One of the most popular destinations in Thailand, the city of Pattaya is located on the eastern coast of the gulf, approximately 165 kilometers South East of Bangkok. Being so close to Bangkok makes Pattaya a weekend getaway for Thais and foreigners alike. Pattaya luxury hotels are some of the most visited in the world. Pattaya is one such place which is far way from the city life and where you can spend your day in complete peace and solitude. It’s a great place where you can get with your family and can spend some hours which would be filled with excitement, sweetness and happiness. Like much of Thailand, Pattaya has a tropical climate. Seasons range from warm and dry to hot and rainy. Originally a small fishing village, Pattaya first gained popularity as a vacation spot during the Vietnam War era, when American GIs dropped by for their “Rest and Relaxation”. Since then, it has become a high-traffic family friendly tourist destination. And with the new airport, Suvarnabhumi an hour drive away, Pattaya tends to increase in popularity. It’s easy for families to find a hotel in Pattaya, as there are a multitude of high-end options. Though it is a great tourist spot, yet prices are very reasonable compared to most other countries given the high quality of accommodations and services offered. The basic advantage of spending your holidays in Pattaya is known to provide some of the best services and accomodation in the region at the most affordable prices. Pattaya has best of the luxury hotels. It is for this reason that when most of the people get to this region, they do not go for any kind of guest houses in Pattaya but they generally go for the beautiful and the most luxurious Hotel in pattaya. One such great hotel is Central Place Hotel. It is located in the heart of city Pattaya with amazing surrounding beaches. Fortunately, it offers rooms at a very affordable price and provides luxurious services. Central Place Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Pattaya.
We at Central Place Hotel,Pattaya have an excess of accommodation in every price bracket. Yet tourist are advised to always take a look at the room (or better still several rooms) before agreeing on a price.For those who are not familiar with the Pattaya geography. The South and Central Pattaya located hotels are the ones to choose if you are looking to be in the center of the "action". There are lots of restaurants, bars, shopping and etc. Central Place Hotel is located in the south city of Pattaya.

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