Australians Like to Stay in Expensive Places, Says Index

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Australians prefer to travel to expensive cities all over the world, a recent hotel price index reveals. These cities are also known for their high-end accommodation rates. Here’s the complete story on this travel news.

A study conducted by discloses that Australian holidaymakers checked into a few expensive destinations with equally expensive hotels in 2012. New York topped the destination list where the priciest luxury hotels, which averaged at $532 per night, can be found. Other popular Aussie destinations include Singapore with hotel rates averaging $217 a night, London at $212, Paris at $227, and Honolulu at $229.

Johan Svanstrom, vice-president and managing director of Asia Pacific, says the Australian dollars’ strong performance allowed local travellers to look beyond their favourite destinations such as Bali, which is still ranked sixth in the most popular choice.

"[Australians] turned away a little from Fiji and Bali to go to places like Honolulu and Europe, and if you look to this year, that’s probably going to continue ... I would expect Europe to be even stronger as quite a lot of people may have not fully discovered the opportunities you may have in Spain, Italy, or Greece," Mr. Svanstrom elaborates.

Mr. Svanstrom further notes that Australians continue to favour US cities such as New York, Honolulu, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, encouraged by the strong Australian dollar and additional flights to those places. Notably, Jetstar has reopened its Melbourne-Honolulu route and Qantas has increased its Dallas/Fort Worth-Brisbane and Dallas/Fort Worth-Sydney non-stop flights to daily, he adds.

Meanwhile, the average hotel room in Australia rose by 4% to $171 per night with Whitsundays having the most expensive rate at $247 a night. Perth’s hotel prices also climbed to 15% at $211 a night, owing to the mining boom. Adelaide offers the cheapest accommodation at $147 per night in all of Australia’s capital cities.

Here’s the list of Australia’s top overseas holiday sites in 2012:

1. New York
2. Las Vegas
3. Singapore
4. Honolulu
5. London
6. Bali
7. Los Angeles
8. Paris
9. Auckland
10. Hong Kong

Here’s the compilation of the most expensive cities per accommodation paid by Australians in 2012:

1. Rio De Janeiro $293
2. New York $278
3. Geneva $251
4. Boston $232
5. Honolulu $229
6. Dubrovnik $227
7. Paris $227
8. Venue $227
9. Cancun $218
10. Singapore $217’s survey covers over 155,000 properties around the world pegged at Australian dollars.

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