The incredible animal fair-Pushkar


The incredible animal fair-Pushkar


Anny just couldn’t digest the vibrant hubbub surrounding her. The colourful umbrellas, animals on exhibit, the sand and the beautiful costumes of people-everything was beyond her imagination. “Welcome to Pushkar tours”, said a smiling Travel agent on seeing Anny’s half open mouth. Enjoying the expression on her face he went on to mention that while embarking on Pushkar tour, few are aware that this is one of the holiest cities of India and what attracts tourists in hordes is this fair and the legend that goes with the city.


<a href=""><b>Pushkar Tour Package</b></a> :: He also explained how it is popularly believed that Gods were on a lookout for a place on earth where Brahma-their lord could perform a holy yagna. In order to find that auspicious place, a holy swan was released with a lotus in its beak. Gods were of the opinion that the place where this lotus would fall will be identified as the place for Brahma to perform the yagna. As luck would have it, the lotus fell in a place which is now popularly known as Pushkar, which in hindi actually stands for lotus and has gradually transformed into the most-sought after destinations of Ajmer tours. 


<a href=""><b>Pushkar Hotels</b></a> :: Anny realised that she could enjoy this festival for not just one or two but five days at a stretch and over a period of time she found many tourists from her country equally enthralled by the surroundings and the festival.  The tourists enjoyed the manner in which the whole city vibrated with religious fervour and the way in which almost everyone was out on the streets celebrating. 


<a href=""><b>Pushkar Tour</b></a> :: For Anny Pushkar tour was a period of relaxation and merry-making. However for others like livestock breeder and farmers, it was the busiest time of the year. This is the festival which boasts of country’s largest cattle fair. In this animal especially camels are displayed and sold. In fact sighting almost 50,000 camels being sold was a sight Anny could never forget.


<a href=""><b>About Pushkar</b></a> :: Interestingly the animal sale and purchase is not just for camel, but is also accompanied by brisk trading in cattle. She realised that what made this activity so engrossing for the tourist was the manner in which the animals were decorated before being sold. The camels were washed, scrubbed and cleaned before being decorated with jewellery and finery. Many animals also adorned bells of all shapes and sizes, tinkling sound from which filled the air with a musical sound of festivity.


<a href=""><b>Travel to Ajmer Dargah</b></a> :: For tourists like Anny, other attractions of travel to Pushkar were piercing of camel nose and the unforgettable camel safari. The interesting manner in which camel moved its body, shaking one’s body to the core and its million dollar strides were an action that tourist could never get enough of.


According to the Hindu calendar the Pushkar fair commences on the ninth moon or nawmi as it is known according to Hindu calendar and ends on Purnima or full moon, which falls somewhere in October or November, or in the month of Kartik. Anny’s agent informed her that Pushkar as a town was known for almost 12 more local fairs and festivals that spread over a period of ten to fifteen days in a year. However, most famous of these was the one she was participating in, which was visited by almost 4,000 to 6,000 tourists every day.

Apart from enjoying the festivity of this fair, Anny also enjoyed exploring the rugged terrain of the Great Indian Desert on the back of camel. These exploratory rides on the undulating sand dunes in the empty vastness of desert, replete with the tinkling sound of small bells hanging from animal neck was indeed an experience of life time for her. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to enjoy like Anny did? If so, just get in touch with us to take care of the rest. More Details :  <a href=""><b>Tour to Pushkar</b></a>