(1888PressRelease) Cash Gifting University Has Been A HUGE BOOM For Internet Marketers. Scott Miller Cash Gift Trainer Is Allowing Members To Utilize NON BRANDED Proof Videos And Testimonial VIDEOS to Generate An INCREDIBLE Influx Of CASH.
Scott Miller announced today the ability for people to access his NON BRANDED proof videos and testimonials for THEIR MARKETING EFFORTS
Scott Miller has been known online for over 2 ½ YEARS, as not only the top producer in all of cash gifting, but also as the most selfless, supportive trainer in Cash Gifting. He has recently opened up his marketing system as a FREE OPTION for his team… When asked why, Scott said, "Since The Peoples Program is a residual system, rather than a 1 Up program, I am a PARTNER with those that join me, the better THEY do the better I do. The antiquated 1Up programs actually pit you AGAINST your inviter. Can you think of ANYTHING more counter-productive than to join someone that you THINK is going to help you, only to find out… If they help YOU, ALL they have succeeded in doing is to create their own competition." When asked to explain, Scott went on, "In a 1 Up program, IN THEORY your inviter is going to help you get… ONE PERSON, (now logic dictates that if they can help YOU get that ONE person, they can get them for themselves more easily), but for arguments sake lets say they DO… Now what? You are ON YOUR OWN. Your inviter will NEVER RECEIVE ANOTHER DIME FROM YOU. Why would they help? Why would they do 3 way calls with you? Why would they share future marketing strategies with you? Why would they WANT YOU to make 10-50,000 a month? In a residual program like TPP, YOU RECEIVE 20% of the gifts generated by your invitees! YOU have a VESTED INTEREST IN THEIR SUCCESS! My team members are PARTNERS! Which is why, over 90% of the gifts I receive are residual gifts. That can NEVER HAPPEN in a 1up program. Which is why the 1up systems out there have all these garbage fees on the backend. They KNOW they will NEVER receive any duplication, so they need to pencil you for monthly site fees, separate capture page fees, auto responder fees blah, blah, blah… It's really sad they are taking advantage of people like that."
When pressed Scott continued, "I have seen it ALL with 1up programs grasping for credibility. There is 1 that launched in 09 that claims to have been around for 10 years. They are in a "Say anything mode" to attempt to pretend they have success and longevity. This SAME program has OUTLANDISH fees associated with it. Remember what I said before regarding duplication, they KNOW there ISN'T any. So they NEED to get BIG MONEY from the few they DO HOOK. They charge like $35.00 for your capture page, a separate fee for the website, yet ANOTHER fee for the auto responder… THEN they try to sell you marketing systems ON THE BACK END! I've heard they stick the gullible few that join them with anywhere from a 1-200.00 ALL THE WAY UP TO $1,000.00 IN ADDITION TO THEIR GIFT! They have EVEN gone as far as trying to SCARE people claiming that other gifting programs are illegal, like I said, "Say anything" mode."
I asked Scott Miller Cash Gifting Trainer about the legalities of various cash gifting programs. Scott replied, "Unlike others, I don't use scare tactics. I WILL point out the negatives of a program in relation to The Peoples Program. Things like outlandish fees compared to $50.00 per year all inclusive. I'll point out when they lie about longevity, if a program has only been around a year or so… Admit it, don't PRETEND to have been around for 10 years. I'll point out the obvious advantage to receiving 20% residuals and why that promotes an atmosphere of support, as opposed to NOT. To ME, as someone that dedicates themselves to their team's success, it's OBVIOUS, if you are going to support and train people, be in a residual. If you're the type that believes the people that join you are going to fail… Be in a 1up. Regarding the same program that claims to be 10 years old that is actually just over a year or so… They also lie about legalities, they should probably look into SEC vs Prosperity Automated Sys., or FTC vs Regenesis, or SEC vs Elite, etc… ALL programs that got into trouble BECAUSE they were 1up systems."
In closing we got back to Scott's marketing system," I've seen a lot of the little rock throwers out there ", said Scott, "They like to claim all sorts of things that they basically make up out of thin air. My reasons for HAVING a marketing system for team members, is that ultimately I want 100% rather than 90% of my gifts to be residual. It quite simply, is the system, that resulted in my receiving over $2,000,000.00 in a little over 2 years. The system doesn't brand me so it allows my team to capitalize on the proof videos and testimonials. The little rock throwers are kinda funny if you think about it… They CLAIM all sorts of silly garbage, where they tend to get tripped up is, if what I'M SAYING isn't accurate… WHY are there testimonials for ME but NOT THEM? Where are all the people THEY HELPED mentioning THEIR names? Where are THEIR videos of MULTIPLE RESIDUAL GIFTS? "