Parakeet Cages Information

Parakeets are popular pet options for people living in the US. They are friendly and sociable to humans and other surrounding birds. What is a parakeet exactly?  The parakeet is a small to medium sized bird that is a part of the parrot family. The word parakeet actually means "long tail" or "long tailed" which refers to the long back tails of the parakeet. Parrots are known for their square back tails while parakeets are a smaller, long tailed bird.  Many small birds are often labeled with the term parakeet. The most common bird to be called a parakeet is that of the budgie or budgerigar. The names of parakeet and budgies often are interchangeable. In reality the parakeet is the main group of birds while the budgie is just one of many smaller sub-genres of birds in which the budgie falls into that category.  Whenyou first bring home your new parakeet, it is expected of you to be afraid.  This fear, anxiety, and stress make him bite and attempt to fly away.  You need to earn his trust before he will accept you. Ina quiet voice and slow movements with your parrot convinced. Talk to him and he’ll soon talk back to you.  Ashis trust in you grows, he will know even speak your language. Short training sessions every day work best. Over and overand over and say the same phrase ... Stick with a phrase until he's got down pat.  Then add a new one. The whole story, along with photographs, can be seen at the web site, hosted by Timby. The public can find out further information about parakeetCages, Inc. on the Internet at

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