Soy wax candles offer a cost effective eco friendly alternative



Soy wax candles offer a cost effective eco friendly alternative


Smells and odours within a home can become overpowering, whether caused by pets, cooking or other factors, as a nation we constantly purchase products that infuse our homes with pleasant aromas to compensate or simply to create a relaxing ambiance. One of the most cost effective ways to introduce pleasant fragrances into a room is to burn soy wax candles which have become increasingly popular. One of the leading retailers of soy based candles is the online resource


Soy wax candles is steadily increasing in popularity in recent years due to a variety of factors including the fact that they are clean burning , due to the fact that the produce no soot, as well as being made from biodegradable and sustainable resources meaning they are eco friendly. One of their key benefits is they offer excellent value for money as they last 50% longer than conventional candles and continue to provide a long lasting pleasant infusion of scents by virtue that there is zero loss of fragrance throughout the life of the candle. This is because Sentelles soy wax candle is made from 100% soy wax and is infused with high quality fragrances to ensure a strong and powerful scent.


The website, is an effective repository of both informational content and available soy wax candle products. The website itself sports a user friendly layout making locating a particular type of soy based candles simplicity itself.

Sentelle has made buying its soy candles easy for customers by grouping its stylish and elegant jars and pillars into a number of different collections, The colour collections helps customers who buy by colour , in this collection the colours are separated as sea star , bamboo, ruby , amber and chiffon. The fragrance collection helps customers who buy by fragrance, in this collection the fragrances are separated as floral, fruity-floral, earthy-floral, leafy-green, citrus and gourmet. The mood collection helps customers who buy aromatherapy candles by different therapeutic benefits of the essential oils and the style collection helps customers whose buying depends on whether they want a jar candle or a pillar and if a jar candle what style and size of jar.


Sentelle also provides a gift collection; here the candles are presented in beautiful ethnic baskets and you can make up a bespoke basket or choose from available baskets which are delivered by taxi to your friends and family , and if you do not know the candle types or fragrances your friends and family would like Sentelle provides online vouchers.


The secure paying encryption on Sentelles’ website provides peace of mind.

For a cost effective, eco friendly and clean way of creating a relaxing and welcoming ambiance within a room, there is no better alternative and choice than soy wax based candles from

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My name is Funmi Ogboye and after spending over 10 years in the research and development departments of top companies in the cosmetic industry working with skincare, colour cosmetics and fragrances I founded Sentelle.

 Sentelle is a London based online Lifestyle Company that specializes in high quality 100% soy candles.

Soy candles are clean-burning, long lasting, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Sentelle retails four beautifully packaged elegant glass jars and pillars in a variety of fruity-floral, sensual, romantic, citrus, oriental fragrances that come in colours to suit different moods and rooms you can also get soy candles by Sentelle infused in unadulterated essential oils.

Sentelle also delivers the soy candles to you in beautifully wrapped boxes or beautifully woven baskets.

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