Paul Cottle Construction In Portland Provides Trusted Home Remodeling Services

Portland OR, 22-JANUARY-2015 - Paul Cottle Construction and owner, Paul Cottle, are pleased to announce that homeowners of the Portland Oregon area trust the quality of the home remodeling services offered by the long-time firm. The Portland remodeling contractor has determined that a growing number of homeowners today are realizing that remodeling promises a better pathway than moving to a new residence.

Remodeling existing premises permits fixing elements that fall short of the needs or desires of the homeowners, while retaining those features which are satisfactory. By remaining in the current neighborhood, children in the household can continue in the same schools. Proximity friendships developed among neighbors are able to be retained.

When remodeling there are some additional positive features accomplished. The appliances and surfaces can be upgraded with later model equipment, which may have better energy ratings. The cost of remodeling is typically less than that of building new structures. It is relatively easy to add new larger space by re-purposing existing rooms or by adding an extension to the residence. These reasons for remodeling: to add space to better meet needs and to upgrade the surfaces or appliances in existing space are the two major reasons for remodeling.

The construction firm has employees with the highest level of experience and training. The company has formed relationships with suppliers in the area to obtain a better level of prices on necessary products and remodeling supplies needed for the project. Such savings can be passed on to the homeowners.

Learn more about homeowner remodeling project by going to the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions regarding the details in this press release are encouraged to contact Paul Cottle at the location listed below.

Contact Person Name: Paul Cottle
Company Name: Paul Cottle Construction
Address: 4420 NE 54th Avenue Suite 2, Portland OR 97218
Contact Telephone Number: (503) 419-8688

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