Cyprus is deservingly referred as the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’. The glistening sea, the smiling sun, the golden beaches and the amiable Cyprian people, together makes this small Mediterranean island worth visiting. Add to these the Cyprus yacht charter services that can make your days in Cyprus more enjoyable and peaceful. A wide selection of boats and yachts are available through the local operators. The authentic Mediterranean cuisine, the mountains and abundant scenery and the shopping centres that can provoke you to shop till you drop can be compelling reasons to visit the island. Besides, if you are interested in water sports and marine adventure, you can find a rich array of watercrafts with the Cyprus yacht rental agencies. What types of yachts trips you can embark on during your days in Cyprus? What are your options when choosing a yacht or boat type? Read on to find more.

Cruise trip options

·         Full-day or half-day trips: You can book a yacht for an entire day or opt for a half-day yacht charter while in Cyprus. You can either opt for a fishing trip or a morning charter. Alternatively, if you are looking to bask in the sun while sailing through the cobalt blue water, you can pick a lunch cruise. Dinner cruise, moonlight cruise and sunrise cruise deals are also available.

·         Moonlight cruise: As the name implies, these occasional tours are conducted during full moon only. The best months to opt for these Cyprus yacht charter services are June-August.

·         Special occasion cruise: It is an excellent idea to celebrate a special occasion onboard. Drink a toast to the very special person of your life, dance through the night and have the best authentic dishes prepared by the best Cyprian chefs.

·         Fishing charter: Those who love fishing can go for Cyprus fishing charters. You can be guided by an angling pro and you can actually catch some delicious fishes during your cruise tour.

How long you can stay on a boat?

There are Cyprus yacht rental agencies that offer different types of yacht charter package deals to vacationers in Cyprus. Here below is an overview of different types of yacht rental package deals.   

·         Single-day yachting with onboard accommodation: If you want to explore the coastal attractions of Cyprus, you should not stay in a hotel. Instead, choose a single-day cruising package which is inclusive of onboard accommodation and dinner & lunch. Do not forget to visit the Limassol City Centre during the one-day trip as this is the main shopping area of Cyprus Island.

·         Weekly charters: If you are looking to experience a fulfilling yacht tour, you should go for the weekly (or shorter) cruise trips. Though these trips are subject to availability of yachts, you can check these things in advance.

How to find the best rental offers?

There are a good number of Cyprus yacht charter agencies that can offer you competitive pricing, world-class amenities and hospitality and not to mention, the best cruising experience. Just look up the web to find the best agencies.



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