The 5thasiaSpa India Awards ceremony is slated to be held on 16thApril 2012at The Claridges, Surajkund, Delhi, NCR . asiaSpa Indiatakes pride in hosting the India’s only Spa and Wellness Awards. After rejoicing 8 stunning years in the wellness industry, asiaSpa India continues to acknowledge its association with this industry.Setting a benchmark in quality and innovation, these awards are held to encourage the rapidly growing spa and wellness industry in the country.

The esteemed signature event showcases various categories that emphasize and give recognition to the Best Spa and Spa products across the country. They also highlight the latest Spa trends and the Innovative Spa treatments and pay accolades to the industry experts.

The different categories from that have been formulated are considered keeping in mind the growing diversity of the wellness industry. These categories are further processed and validated by reputed audit firm Grant Thornton to ensure that it is held in a trustworthy and transparent manner.

With a guest list consisting of the who’s who of the industry to the celebrities and bollywood personalities, the evening promises to be a night of opulent celebration.

 About asiaSpa India

asiaSpa India is dedicated to the concept of Wellness and targeted at the up mar­ket urban professionals, who are brand conscious, stylish and sophisticated deci­sion makers leading a life of luxury. As you flip the pages you will find a treasure trove of information on spa’s, health, wellness, beauty and luxury lifestyle. Our features go behind the scenes and look into treatments, products and accessories, interview people who have contributed in shaping the wellness industry and are further promoting its growth.

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