Michael J. Lonati, Attorney At Law, In Paulding County Provides Legal Solutions For Auto Accident Victims

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Michael J. Lonati, Attorney offers legal representation for victims of automobile accidents. The attorney has the knowledge and experience to ensure full compensation.

Dallas GA, 05-JANUARY-2015 - Michael J. Lonati, Attorney at Law is pleased to announce that the firm offers legal representation and solutions for those individuals involved in automobile accidents. When there is an auto accident, there are many factors which can affect the ability to recover physically, emotionally and financially. The Paulding County auto accident attorney is unable to help with the physical recovery, but he can be of assistance in taking care of the financial and legal aspects so that the victim is able to concentrate on healing.

Although most states require that drivers carry liability insurance, there are some drivers who do not comply with the law. If the client's automobile is struck by an uninsured driver there can be tremendous financial repercussions. By retaining the services of the legal firm, financial recovery can be pursued against the uninsured driver or against the insurance company.

In cases of vehicle accidents and liability, there are usually deadlines for filing legal documents which seek recovery for damages. The legal firm knows those deadlines and the necessary actions which must be completed accurately and on time. The attorney is also able to identify legitimate costs which can be marked for recovery actions. The victim may not be in a position to think of documenting costs. The legal professionals work to ensure that every possible cost is recovered.

If negotiation with insurance companies is required, it is best to have a legal professional handling the conversations. He or she will not be dealing from a point of pain, but with the exact requirements of the law. He will seek the full restitution for financial recovery for the costs of the accident.

Learn more about auto accident legal representation by paying a visit to the web pages on-line at http://www.lonatilaw.com today. Members of the press and those who have questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Michael J. Lonati at the location described below.

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