Launch of “” sees change in the way of searching and retaining legal assistance in Canada.

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The launch of is making changes in the way people search for and obtain legal assistance online.

Vancouver, Canada – Often people do not have time to research the achievements and reputation of a legal counsel they would like to hire. That is a risk they take every time they select a legal professional they know nothing about. However this is going to change as will be providing people access to hundreds of legal professionals who have been pre-screened by them for their customers. The website allows its users to get in touch with different people in the legal profession like Lawyers, Mediators, Notaries, Immigration consultants and more. All this is available at the touch of a button.

The website has been designed to be user friendly and help people get the best legal expert to resolve their problems. The website offers many services such as:-

• Access to hundreds of legal professionals
• Real time job posting option o connect client and lawyers
• Affordable prices
• 24/7 customer support is quickly becoming Canada's leading integrated web-based legal advertising platform and is on its way to achieve its goal which is to connect consumers requiring legal assistance. is an interactive legal search engine which was created to provide an easy way to build reliable relationships with legal professionals all across Canada.

About us:
Lawggle Inc. is an innovative model as the internet’s only all-encompassing legal resource. With its wide network of legal professionals, the company aims to assist millions in finding legal assistance in time and get their legal solutions quickly. By providing direct access to Lawyers, Notaries, Mediators, Immigration Consultants, Process servers and Court filing agents, Lawggle Inc. will change the way people go about to find and retain legal counsel across Canada.

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Phone Number: 1-855-lawggle

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