Gurgaon, Delhi, India, January 05, 2012 /PressReleasePing/ — The Robotic Research and Training Centre, established trains surgeons, gynaecologists, urologists, and paediatric surgeon from around the world in advanced robotic procedures. The training program at World Laparoscopy Hospital utilizes a surgeon-led approach; Surgeons are not only taught how to operate the surgical robot by a fellow surgeon, but also how to lead a surgical team in an environment, and through a surgical scenario, far different from what they may be accustomed to.
The expanded future of minimally invasive surgery resides in the surgeon’s ability to extend operational facility beyond direct hand contact and to reach more difficult surgical targets with greater dexterity and comfort using surgical robot. The difference between robotic operations and open or laparoscopic operations is that the attending surgeon doing the latter types of operations can completely control things by moving tissues out of the way laparoscopically or grabbing the resident’s hands during an open operation. The surgeon sitting at the console during these operations is the only one who has total control. So until the surgeon is adequately trained it is risky to perform robotic surgery on patient.
Under the direction of Dr. R.K. Mishra, this five-day Fellowship in Robotic Surgery course is designed to include live case observations with Dr. Mishra and hands-on cadaveric training for primary surgeons as well as their complete operative team.  Dr. R.K. Mishra is a pioneer of new technology to aid minimally invasive procedures. His academic laparoscopic surgical career started in Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, U. K. He did his Master degree in Minimal Access Surgery (M.MAS) from United Kingdom. Prof. Mishra is among few fortunate who has been conferred degree of Master in Minimal Access Surgery by Sir James Whyte Black Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine and the most prestigious Chancellor in the history of University of Dundee, United Kingdom. After Mastering Laparoscopic Surgery Dr R.K. Mishra has further refined his robotic surgery training at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.  Dr. Mishra has done Ph.D in Minimal Access Surgery and his research and thesis for doctorate was on Ideal Port Positioning in Robotic Surgery. Entire participant will be taught robotic suturing, knotting, and port position in robotic surgery, dissection techniques and troubleshooting in day to day practice. Candidate can also tell their expectation during robotic training and we can also tailor the course to meet individual needs according to specialization of the surgeon.
Advanced training on da Vinci robotic systems provides surgeon confidence when operating in tiny intracavitary spaces. Three-dimensional vision and articulated instrument control are essential. The da Vinci robotic systems have been dedicated to procedure development, clinical surgery, and training of surgical specialists. World Laparoscopy Hospital has been the first hospital in Asia to train surgeons and gynaecologists formally in clinical robotics.
The focus of this robotic surgery Hands On training course at World Laparoscopy Hospital is on treatment of multidisciplinary surgical disorders using minimally invasive robotic techniques. This experience includes live case observation, hands-on lab training to develop skill, and discussion with expert.
In fact World Laparoscopy Hospital is only institute in the World determining the optimal way to participate in a multidisciplinary approach to treating surgical disease in order to improve patient outcomes and to enhance the decision-making process relating to treating patients with different disease.
Sadhana Mishra
World Laparoscopy Hospital
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