Commonly, when women have tubal blockage, doctor always recommend laparoscope to unblock tubes, but after surgery, women also have to take antibiotic to avoid infection. what’s more, even women is taking antibiotic, the infection also cannot be avoided totally, for the relapse rate still is very high, almost 50% women’s tube will block again.

With the development of globalization, more and more western country know the old medicinal system from old east – Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many years ago, TCM still is unacceptable, but now, the increased number of using TCM shows that TCM is accepted by many countries. Materials of TCM are from nature such as plants, animal and mineral, so herbal medicine has no side-effect and won’t bring toxic materials to human liver and kidney. herbal medicine also has no drug resistance, which is the advantages that western medicine doesn’t have, so no matter how long the herbal medicine patients have to take, it effect will be as good as the first day.

The herbal medicine named Fuyan Pill  made of more than herbs, so it can promote blood circulation, clear away heat and toxic materials, dissipate hard lumps, dissolve stasis, improve QI and release pain. After three months treatment, blocked fallopian tube can be open again, and women can prepare for conceiving at the second treating month.

Which is the best treatment for blockage? There is no doubt that TCM is the winner. If you are interested in TCM – Fuyan Pill or want to know more about the consequence of tubal blockage, please feel free to contact us and our emails are: