In this rapid developing world of biotechnology and pharmaceutical, cancer is still a great mystery. Decoding cancer is the most challenging task of medical world. Every year infinite number of people comes under its tarp. This is nightmarish to cancer patients as well as for scientist. Decoding cancer is the biggest challenge present medical world is facing. Cancer is caused by solely kinase, a protein enzyme which if get injected in patients body grows infinitely. This uncontrolled kinase growth in the patients body paves the way for death. To check and arrest the growth of this kinase,kinase inhibitor is invented. If cancer is detected at an early stage it can be controlled via this kinase inhibitor.
Kinase inhibitor has large variation. Tasocitinib is one such widely and successful kinase inhibitor. It helps to combat cancer by arresting the unwanted growth of kinase. Tasocitinib is orally administered in patient’s body. This kinase inhibitor inhibits Janus kinase commonly known as JAK. Tasocitinib is also used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and several other disease .Tasocitinib is in the phase of trial 3 clinical testing. Generally a rheumatoid arthritis drug has to go through four clinical trails for its approval. Tasocitinib is already in its phase three clinical trials. Which means it is just one step behind for its complete approval. Besides tasocitinib PIK-93 is also a very successful and widely used kinase inhibitor for controlling kinase. This kinase inhibitor arrest tumor growth. If tumor is detected at an early stage PIK-93 helps up to a large extent to control the growth of tumor.
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