In the hectic pace of everyday life, we tend to sometimes emphasize other problems over those of a medical nature. Whether they’re afraid of seeing a doctor, afraid they can’t afford the cost of medical attention and care, most people tend to postpone seeking medical assistance for health issues, until the problems progress and start to interfere with their ability to perform daily activities. Varicose veins are a perfect example of this—often dismissed as a cosmetic issue, varicose veins are left to progress unattended by a physician until they become a real health concern, and a real cause of chronic pain. Read on to find out more information about varicose veins and about cirurgia de varizes a laser and using laser para varizes.



Varicose veins are deformed and enlarged veins, which usually appear on the legs or ankles. They are formed because of issues with blood flow. There are certain valves in your veins and arteries, which direct the blood to go from the leg back to the heart, to be filtered and recirculated. When these valves don’t function correctly, blood can flow back through the veins, deforming them in the process, and giving them the look we are all familiar with – lines or bumps near the skin’s surface.



There are a variety of factors which can lead to a person developing varicose veins, artificial as well as natural. Natural factors include aging, genetic passage of the illness through family lines and even gender. Varicose veins are more prevalent in women due to changes in their hormone levels. Artificial factors abound. Obesity and weight gain through pregnancy can cause or advance varicose veins, as can having a sedentary lifestyle or, on the contrary, having a job where you need to stand up for extended periods of time every day.



When it comes to treating varicose veins, there are a number of treatment options available, ranging from noninvasive measures (like wearing pressured socks and leggings) to a number of different surgical procedures. Cirurgia de varizes a laser is one of the newest and most modern surgical techniques used to treat varicose veins. Cirurgia de varizes a laser works by inserting a catheter in the vein, guided by a Doppler scan (revealing a 3D representation of the veins’ walls and ceiling. In the front of the catheter there is a device which uses laser para varizes – the idea is that the laser para varizes causes the creation of heat, which causes the vein to close and to be absorbed into your body.



Using laser para varizes is much less invasive than other types of surgical procedures. You won’t need to be put under general anesthetic when undergoing cirurgia de varizes a laser, as you’ll only need a local anesthetic to be applied. You won’t have to spend your recovery in the hospital after getting cirurgia de varizes a laser, and you’ll have to deal with a comparatively short recovery period (no more than 15 days).

If you’re having troubles with varicose veins, look into the option of cirurgia de varizes a laser  -a modern procedure with high success rates. Using laser para varizes represents a minimally invasive procedure, with minimal risks and a short recovery period, to discuss it with your physician.