Newport Beach, CA, 28 December 2011 : Dr. Robert Puff, a motivational speaker of international repute, has tipped businesses on increasing employee productivity. He has advised businesses to work on decreasing employee stress and help individuals navigate obstacles to success. It'll improve employee's job satisfaction and subsequently, increase their focus on task.


Talking about the factors that boost employees productivity, Dr. Puff commented, “Productivity is not the culmination of just one thing, but a series of things done consistently. At the core, it is all about the employees' happiness with the job. Happy employees will give you their best which is the key to productivity and profit.”


Businesses worldwide are increasingly recognizing the employees' self-motivation a determinant in their productivity. As a manager, you have to find out ways to spur their innate desire to excel. A proven method is to hire a professional motivational speaker who can rub their psyche with good humor and get them at their productive best. He can successfully change the mindset and general workplace behavior of staff through motivation.


Professional speakers can deploy various strategies to take their points through. As Dr. Puff puts it, “You've to know how to deal with different people, who could be as diverse as it can be…not all people will respond to same kind of motivation. Professional speakers know how to motivate different kind of people sitting in a group.”


Dr. Puff’s methods are perfect for motivational sessions, conventions, corporate meetings, sales conferences and any other business meeting in which personal performance has a role in success. His way of coaching is highly effective for staff development either in small groups or for targeted one-on-one development.


About Dr. Robert Puff:


Dr. Robert Puff is an internationally renowned professional motivational speaker , clinical psychologist, best-selling author and business coach. Under his stress management program , he teaches the participants to deal with stress and keep themselves in a calm state. Under his tutelage you get the watchful guidance of an expert who has honed his skills with time and experience.


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