IHS Functional Medicine Center, In San Jose Helps Locals Suffering With Muscle Aches And Pains

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IHS Functional Medicine Center provides a functional medicine approach to health with local patients. Each patient is counseled in methods of overall health improvement.

San Jose CA, 03-FEBRUARY-2014 - IHS Functional Medicine Center is pleased to announce that the professionals associated with the center have the knowledge and experience to offer solutions for patients suffering from aches and pains in the muscles. Muscle pain can be caused by injuries, diseases or other reasons. The San Jose thyroid doctor is able to identify the underlying cause of most pain symptoms and design a plan of care that will improve health.

When muscles are overused, there is a buildup of lactic acid in the tissue. The formation of lactic acid is a normal process, but it can cause irritation in the muscles and lead to soreness and discomfort. This can happen as an aftermath to exercise or from injuries to the muscles. Sometimes pain and discomfort is associated with various diseases. Identification of the cause of the pain is the first step in creating a care plan.

The doctors at IHS are known for their functional medicine techniques and procedures. When functional medicine is utilized, the doctors look for the underlying causes of the disease. This type of health care is better able to address the needs of 21st century patients. Instead of the traditional disease-centered focus, functional medicine looks at the needs of the whole person, rather than just looking at symptoms. The result is a patient-centered approach.

Some of the factors that are reviewed in a functional medicine approach include genetics, lifestyle and environment. The doctors use techniques and methods that support full health and vitality for every patient.

Learn more about solutions for muscle pain by visiting the web pages at http://www.ihschiropractic.com today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions concerning the contents of this press release are invited to contact the center at the location provided below.

Company Name: Integrated Health Systems
Address: 3550 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 315, San Jose, CA 95117
Contact Telephone Number: (408) 770-7010
Email: info@ihschiropractic.com
Website: http://www.ihschiropractic.com

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