Ever wondered why online GP or online General Practitioner services are so popular? A lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon of the ‘Ask a doctor’ online service because it is convenient, reliable and easy to use. So, when should you chat to a doctor online? There are many instances when we want to seek medical advice but hesitate because we do not want our family doctor to know about a particular private or embarrassing situation. Therefore, we feel it is best to use an online GP to ask an embarrassing question to a doctor and remain anonymous at the same time thereby ‘killing two birds with a single stone’.


Online portals that allow you to chat to a doctor online are very useful because they provide you with the opportunity to ask whatever you want without being intimidated or embarrassed. As useful as this service may be, it is quite unfortunate that a lot of people are unaware of how to use the services of an online GP. Before you delve into this realm, you should be aware of several parameters to keep in mind when asking an online doctor about things in relation to personal health. After all, what could be a better way of judging the expertise of the doctors than asking questions?


Firstly, in order to use an online GP service you will need to look for a good website offering such services. Take your time in zeroing in on one because it is crucial to opt for a reliable, trustworthy and reputed website. Always steer clear of websites that ask for sensitive information like social security number, home address or information pertaining to credit card unless this is handled by a third party such as PayPal. It is very easy to identify a genuine and reliable website that offers the possibility to chat to a doctor online. Such websites would always be transparent and upfront about the nature of information that they provide and require from you.


There are some websites that state as a disclaimer that their answers provided by community members and are not meant to meant to be a substitute for a general practitioner. Such websites are informative but should be avoided if you wish to chat to a doctor online who will provide professional advice for your medical problem. A majority of the online GP websites will have FAQ archives where the answers to commonly asked questions are posted for users to see. It is good to read through these questions to get a better understanding of the level of service you will receive.


When you chat to a doctor online, you should try to make clear the nature of your problem and phrase it in the form of a question. Try to be as transparent and precise as possible and don’t beat around the bush as this will increase the chances of receiving a thorough and accurate response. One thing that prospective patients using an online GP service should keep in mind is that the answers obtained via this method should be used only as a guide and the information given as advice. Under no circumstances should they be treated as a direct substitute for one-on-one care by a physician. As useful and effective as this service might be, it isn’t really the best when it comes to grave health problems as these usually require thorough physical examination and/or tests/x-rays.


While utilizing online GP services, one should watch out for ‘cyberchondria’. This is a situation where an individual can become paranoid after reading medical advice or information that matches the symptoms they are experiencing. Thus, it is advisable to go with an open mind when receiving such medical advice as a result of your chat to a doctor online. However, depending on the website and service, you should be mildly skeptical too and simply treat it as a reliable source of information so  you can minimize your chances of developing cyberchondria and still acquire the knowledge you requested.



An online GP https://www.medicalium.co.uk/  service could prove to be truly beneficial in many ways provided the user is aware of the guidelines on making the most of it. The request to chat to a doctor online https://www.medicalium.co.uk/  should be put in only when the query has not been handled in the archives section of website and the information on the subject is still required.