Why do you think nails pain so much when they are hurt or get uprooted? Most people know that nails are dead parts of the body and they shouldn’t cause any pain. So why is the intense pain that we feel? This is because of the area under the nails, their bed. This area is extremely sensitive and when a nail gets uprooted the nerve endings in this area cause a lot of bleeding and pain. But nails are regenerative in nature and when fungal nails get replaced by fresh nails there is no pain. Today use of fungal laser has become one of the most successful and popular methods of treating fungi in nails and more and more podiatrists are using this method.



Why are fungal nails caused? They are caused by fungi, yeast and mould. The most common fungi in this aspect are Candida albicans, Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Trichophyton rubrum. Since nails don’t have nerves it means that they are incapable of fighting these fungi back. The fungi settle down around the nails and their spores are almost immediately reproduced. The shiny surface of nails doesn’t let the fungi settle down and hence they slide and nestle around the nails.



Nail polishes are considered to be the biggest culprits in causing fungal nails. No, your own nail polish will not cause this problem but the common nail polishes used in pedicure salons sure can.



When you suffer from fungal nails your nails get discoloured to look black or yellow or brown. It is not a pretty sight and can cause you plenty of embarrassment. You may not feel the pain but you will also not like the sensation of your nail getting detached from its bed. If it gets uprooted now you will feel a lot of pain.


Podiatrists are the experts that can treat such conditions. The most common process that is followed includes using a medicated polish. The medicinal properties of this polish can eliminate the fungi and the spores. But if you are looking for a foolproof solution then fungal laser treatment is the best option.



The fungal laser treatment involves passing laser rays in the infected area. The laser rays pass through the nail surface and eliminate the fungi and the spores. This is a completely painless process that takes all of half an hour. You can walk back home comfortably after the treatment has been completed. The success rate of fungal laser treatment is fairly good at 88%. And yes, you would want a trained podiatrist to conduct this form of treatment. The infected nail will now get pushed forward by fresh growth of nail from the base and you will need to trim it off gradually.

There are many people that suffer from fungal nails and keep them as they are. But this is not at all recommended. What are podiatrists for then? It is advisable that you consider fungal laser treatment because this is a great way to great treated effectively.

Fungal nails  http://www.walkwithoutpain.com.au/fungal-nail-laser-brisbane can cause many problems and shouldn’t be left untreated. Fungal laser  http://www.walkwithoutpain.com.au/fungal-nail-laser-brisbane  therapy is known to be successful and your podiatrist should be able to use it to treat your nails completely.