San Clemente, CA — Orange County, CA family dentist Dr. Eric Johnson has a lot happening around the office in May. First of all, they are showing their appreciation to ladies and especially moms by giving them the royal treatment, which includes a single stem flower for every female patient this month. 
"Moms give so much of themselves to care for their children and prepare them to be contributing members of our society," Dr. Johnson says. "And sometimes we fail to realize how much moms have to go through to make all this possible. We want to properly acknowledge the unique role moms play in building a better society, so we are rewarding them in May with our specialty treatment." 
Because they believe moms deserve to be recognized more than just one day out of the month, they are extending the royal treatment to ladies throughout the month of May.
"We encourage moms (and their children) to schedule appointments and come by during this special celebration of motherhood" Dr. Johnson continues. "Come on in this month and let us give you the recognition you deserve." 
June Anniversary/Merger Party
In addition to celebrating moms, Dr. Johnson's office is also holding an open house on the evening of Thursday, June 7th to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Dr. Johnson's arrival at their San Clemente office, as well as the recently completed merger between Dr. Johnson and Dr. Thomas Risbrudt. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Risbrudt decided to join forces after Dr. Risbrudt sought out a partner and eventual successor that shared his values and philosophy. After extensive consideration and discussion, Dr. Risbrudt concluded that Dr. Johnson was the ideal partner. 
The upcoming open house on June 7th will be a celebration of this newly minted partnership that they believe will allow both dentists to focus on their specialties and provide a wider array of services and better overall customer experience.
"I am very excited to be teaming up with Dr. Risbrudt. He is a man of great integrity that brings nearly 40 years or wisdom and experience to our office. We share the same spiritual and professional values and I am blessed to have the opportunity to have this great man as my new partner and mentor." 
With the celebration of mothers, anniversaries and mergers, Dr. Johnson's office has a busy month coming up. And with the addition of Dr. Risbrudt, it appears that the office has also added one of Orange County's most experienced and respected dentists, a move that is likely to produce happier patients and greater success for the practice. For more information about Dr. Eric Johnson, call (949) 493-9311 or go to
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