Importing drugs from Canadian pharmacies made easier and cheaper through worldwide distribution centers.



Importing drugs from Canadian pharmacies made easier and cheaper through worldwide distribution centers., a leading Canadian online pharmacy has made it possible for patients in other countries (apart from Canada) to reap the benefits of cheap but high quality drugs. It is an established fact that Canadian pharmacies offer drugs at affordable prices than other countries as the Canadian government regulate the prices of drugs to help out consumers. Yet, there are other reasons as to why can offer its foreign customers medicines at cost effective rates. The company has a number of strategically located distribution centers around the world that can cut down on shipping costs as well as import duties in certain countries in which the distribution centers are located.


Normally, if a patient wants a specific drug from abroad, he/she has to import it by paying import taxes. The accumulation of taxes and the shipping charges add on to the final costs. But a spokesman from says that overseas patients buying drugs from their site need not pay these exorbitant costs to purchase their medicines. This is mainly because of the number of distribution centers in various countries around the world. The company says that it is more economical for the company to dispense prescription drugs manufactured in other countries directly from the country where it was manufactured rather than dispensing it from Canada. To ensure the highest levels of quality and safety, the company only dispenses drugs approved by the respective country’s government bodies following stringent safety standards. The company has dispensing pharmacies in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Turkey, India, Singapore and Mauritius. Patients in these countries have an advantage of purchasing high quality drugs provided by Big Mountain Drugs at competitive prices which are at most times, cheaper than drugs sold in their own countries. Patients in these countries also benefit by having minimal delivery charges when the drugs are delivered to their doorstep as Big Mountain Drugs has local dispensing pharmacies which delivers the drugs locally. No import duties are paid by these customers. Secondly, the company ships to any country in the world at minimum shipping rates.


The website of has been reviewed by existing customers as very easy to use and also that the company has a very friendly and competent customer care staff who communicates and helps customers to make their orders online or in any of the other methods of ordering such as over the telephone or send the order request through mail or fax. is accredited by the Collegeof Pharmacists of British Columbia as well as the International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), and in addition has Pharmacychecker membership. Pharmacychecker independently checks the credentials of online pharmacies and lets customers easily compare drug prices.