The Center For Sleep Medicine Offers Relief From Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

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The Center for Sleep Medicine ( offers therapy for resolving human fatigue at home and in the workplace. The benefits are reduced accidents and more effectiveness on the job.

Libertyville IL, 09-FEBRUARY-2015 - The Center for Sleep Medicine is pleased to announce that locals who are experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness can find solutions for the condition. There may be several causes for the condition, including but not limited to sleep apnea and insomnia. Fighting sleepiness requires solutions tailored to the particular patient and the underlying condition. Often, combating excessive daytime sleepiness means providing therapy that leads to restful sleep during the nighttime hours. The sleep therapists at the Center for Sleep Medicine can be instrumental in improving an individual's sleep quantity and quality.

A representative from the Chicago insomnia center explained to an interviewer, "Humans are not equipped to work in a 24/7 environment, yet this is just what millions of working Americans are attempting to do. In order to live, it is necessary to obtain adequate sleep. Undisturbed sleep is required in order to avoid sleepiness when awake. Employers who ignore the needs of individuals who work irregular hours or shifts or those with sleep disorders is costly, with billions of dollars in lost productivity and a growing number of work place injuries or fatalities caused by cumulative sleep deprivation."

He continues, "A board certified sleep therapist will provide solutions to individuals who are victims of excessive sleepiness due to shift work disorders, sleep apnea, or insomnia."

The professionals at the Center include those with special training and experience in the fields of dental sleep medicine, as well as pulmonary medicine, internal medicine, neurology and pediatrics. Employers are invited to request help from the professionals at The Center for Sleep Medicine to create a comprehensive fatigue management program. Such a program is intended to identify policies and procedures which will mitigate excessive sleepiness.

Learn more about fighting excessive daytime sleepiness by paying a visit to the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the sleep center at the address described below.

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