Pregnant women’s susceptibility to diseases and acquisition of inherent risks of birth deformities are very high, especially when they are administered with an inappropriate drug for their condition. Topamax is an anticonvulsant medication that is considered as a treatment to epilepsy and migraine. However, studies can prove that this medication is highly associated for the increased risk of major birth defects, naming Topamax birth defects. With this, mothers who have taken this drug and experienced pregnancy complications can file a Topamax lawsuit.
Topamax birth defects are most likely evident for pregnant woman who took topiramate especially on their first trimester. It has been found out that higher than expected rates of cases of babies born with cleft lips, cleft palates, genital defects and other birth deformities have been recorded while this drug was taken during pregnancy. If the birth malformation has been proven to be associated with the drug, a Topamax lawsuit can be carried out to receive compensation to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering resulting thereto. 
The road has been rough for Topamax since its release in 1996, receiving several warnings from federal Food and Drug Administration pointing out the drug’s side effects. The manufacturer was accused of underwhelming the side effects of the drug that include hypothermia, metabolic acidosis, and serious effect on patient’s eyes causing complete vision loss. And only in the year 2010, 14 years after the Topamax has been in use all throughout the United States that the FDA issued a warning that the drug has actually something to do with cases of families that have babies with cleft lips, thus naming as one of the birth defects caused by Topamax.
Various Topamax lawsuits are carried out since the FDA warning. It has been noted that the manufacturer of the drug is primarily to blame on this circumstance. Despite pre-approval testing of the drug, which showed up fetal abnormalities in laboratory animals, the drug was still sold in the market without any clear warning labels or precautionary mandates for pregnant or expectant mothers. The drug is said to be blamed for causing cleft palate in babies whose mothers unknowingly took medication at time of pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy. Clearly, the cases of Topamax birth defects are a result of negligence on the part of the manufacturers. 
A woman who is in her state of pregnancy is very delicate, thus drugs, supplements, or any other medications given to her should be examined carefully before prescribing them. Serious deformities labeled as Topamax birth defects do require multiple operations and a series of speech therapy for several years– which can be costly. And patients, especially those who belong to the lower class of the society, need assistance for treatment and medication. If your infant or you know someone with a case of an oral birth defect that is linked to the use of Topamax, you may be qualified to file for a Topamax lawsuit to help you cover the expenses and provide you with compensation to properly treat the defect. 
Filing a Topamax lawsuit : against a giant pharmaceutical company is truly a tough battle. But victims of Topamax birth defects : can be justly compensated if they are advocated by experienced pharmaceutical lawyers. 
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