Patients and doctors in the US praise a leading Canadian online drug site as user-friendly and the drugs being cost effective.



Patients and doctors in the US praise a leading Canadian online drug site as user-friendly and the drugs being cost effective.


It is an accepted fact that medicines offered by Canadian pharmacies are cheaper than drugs sold in US pharmacies. Their cheap prices are due to price regulations of drugs by the Canadian government and also because generic drugs are being produced earlier in Canada than their corresponding patented drugs. This cost advantage has made Canadian drug companies very popular in the US market. There are a number of Canadian online pharmacies that provide drugs to local and overseas customers through their internet sites, which makes patients’ lives easier as they do not have to queue up at pharmacies to purchase their medicines but can order the medicines from the comfort of their homes.

Customer reviews of a leading Canadian online pharmacy have proven that its online pharmacy is accessible and very easy to use apart from being a company providing drugs at low cost. This is especially valid for reviews of customers residing in the US. Spokesperson for Big Mountain Drugs says that it offers its customers the lowest prices of any Canadian pharmacies online,backed up by safe, secure ordering and reliable, convenient delivery right to customers’ doorstep.

Patients can order their medicines in a number of ways at their convenience – either through the company website, over the telephone or send the order request through mail or fax. The forms in the site are very easy to use and if a customer has any difficulty in filling same, a friendly and competent customer care staff communicates and helps customers to make their orders online or in any of the other methods of ordering as well. In addition, as Big Mountain Drugs operates physical brick and mortar pharmacies as well in Canada. The company has fully licensed staff who are certified pharmacists to dispense prescription as well as over-the counter medicine orders.


There are a number of other reasons why Big Mountain Drugs is popular among US customers. One reason is that it provides an attractive rewards system on its prescription as well as over-the-counter medications. The reward system of the company offers customers a 5% credit towards their next order. Another reason is that it provides coupons for certain drugs as well as coupons for senior citizens by partnering with,which is the largest coupon site in the web specializing in on-line pharmacy coupons.


Safety of drugs offered by is supported by the fact that the company is accredited by the Collegeof Pharmacists of British Columbia as well as the International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), and in addition has Pharmacychecker membership. Pharmacychecker independently checks the credentials of online pharmacies and lets customers easily compare drug prices.