, a top Canadian on-line drug company gives reasons why drugs sold through its site are more 80% cheaper than drugs sold from a conventional drugstore., a top Canadian on-line drug company gives reasons why drugs sold through its site are more 80% cheaper than drugs sold from a conventional drugstore.


According to spokesperson for, a top Canadian pharmaceutical, online drugs and pet medication supplier, their sales have increased by 50% in the last financial year due to the vast popularity of its online drugs site. According to him, the main reason for its popularity is due to its price competitiveness in comparison to drugs sold in conventional retail drugstores in the domestic Canadian and US markets.


A study done by Thompson Market Research Inc, a well known international market research company has also found that pharmaceutical drugs sold by Canadian on-line pharmaceutical companies are more popular than those sold in conventional drugstores. According to their research, the reasons for this are two-fold. The first reason is that drugs sold by Canadian pharmaceutical companies are 80% cheaper than those sold in conventional drugstores. This has been confirmed by surveys done by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). One of the main reviews given by many clients on sites of Canadian on-line companies is that expensive drugs such as Lipitor for high cholesterol and Advair for Asthma are priced substantially lower in comparison to retail drugstores in US and other markets, including Asia, Australia and Europe. This is because the Canadian government regulates the prices of pharmaceutical products and allows companies to produce generic versions of patented drugs sooner.


Secondly, in the current day and age, most people, even the elderly, who have limited mobility, are IT-savvy and tend to prefer ordering drugs from their own sitting-room rather than set-off to a pharmacy or drugstore in the town. The fact that the drugs are delivered to their door-step is a huge plus point to the elderly as well as to the busy commuter. Mary Lawson, a 68 year old resident of Chicago stated that she prefers to shop on-line from, especially as the prices were affordable and as she did not have to stand in a queue at the retail pharmacy or drug store since the drugs were delivered to her doorstep within a period of 14-18 business days. She and her husband have been ordering all their medicine from for the past 5 years. What’s more, the pharmacist are multi lingual, ready to help out in a number of languages, facilitating the customers further in their online purchase experience.


Additional factors that boost the company’s competitiveness in terms of price is that the company has several sister companies which concentrate on generic drugs resulting in economies of scale. Another contributory factor to its success in the market is that offers a 5% credit rewards program to its on-line clients on their future orders.


According to Big Mountain spokesperson, additional contributory factors to the company’s popularity are that the site is guaranteed through the buy SAFE buyer assurance program and that it is also verified by PharmacyChecker. The company states that it continuously upgrades its services and increases the number and type of drugs it provides through its Marketing team and R&D Team.


Thus, combined with the benefits of virtual marketing and the price competitiveness, the company’s popularity in the US prescription drug market has also increased considerably in recent years. Even with postage and shipping charges, the cost of many drugs sold through the website is at least 80% cheaper than most conventional retail drugstores in the US and other markets. is certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.