Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine Offers Safe Solutions For Auto Accident Pain Sufferers

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Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine provides safe and natural remedies for victims of auto accident pain. The methods do not require surgery or drugs in order to be effective.

Austin TX, 04-FEBRUARY-2015 - Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine and Dr. Jeff Fluitt DC are pleased to announce that they offer safe and effective remedies for those suffering from the pain of an automobile accident. The injuries incurred in a vehicle crash are varied and can be mild or severe. The Austin chiropractor uses state-of-the-art techniques and methods to identify the underlying cause of the pain and to ensure that natural solutions are found. No invasive methods or pharmaceutical compounds are used in the care regimen.

Automobile accidents are notorious for causing whiplash type injuries, but this is not the only type of pain that can occur. A whiplash is experienced when the head is propelled violently forward, over-extending the connective tissue in the neck and shoulders. A whiplash may also occur when the force causes a sideways motion. Pain from this type of injury may be slow to develop. It can take several hours before the victim of the accident realizes that all is not right.

Dr. Fluitt DC, has the knowledge and experience to identify the areas where damage may have occurred and to design a care plan. There are several phases of therapy typically involved for auto accident injuries. The first step is to relieve acute pain levels. This allows the body to concentrate on the healing process. The doctor may use heat and cold therapy, ultrasound or massage therapy in order to improve the circulation to the damaged tissues.

As the pain level decreases, additional phases in care may be suggested. The doctor might use posture correction and exercise to strengthen weakened muscles, in order to better support the head and neck. Improved nutrition and changes in lifestyle to include stress reduction techniques will also help with a better quality of life overall are also suggested to the patient.

Learn more about relieving pain from auto accidents by going to the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions regarding the contents of this press release are invited to contact Dr. Fluitt at the address listed below.

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