There are lots of medical transcription companies that opt for outsourcing medical transcriptionists instead of in-house medical transcriptionists. In this article, we look at various benefits derived by an organization, if they opt for in-house medical transcriptionists.


There are lots of medical transcription companies that opt for outsourcing medical transcriptionists instead of in-house medical transcriptionists. In this article, we look at various benefits derived by an organization, if they opt for in-house medical transcriptionists.

Medical Transcriptionist is one of the most demanding jobs present in the market.  With the help of Medical Transcription services, medical practitioners can lessen their burden of electronic documentation for all patient records.  But the major question that the medical practitioners face is, whether they wish to outsource these services or hire someone in-house. We are all aware that there are two options available to medical practitioners to take care of the transcription needs.  They are:

  • In-house
  • Outsource

Let us now look at some of the benefits of hiring an in-house medical transcriptionist:

  • Availability of staff member throughout the day: One of the advantages of recruiting an in-house medical transcriptionist is that their services can be rendered throughout the day. Their day-to-day tasks includes:
    • Correcting errors
    • Making changes
    • Carrying out new tasks on regular basis  

They are also trained to become accustomed with:

  • Medical terminology
  • Lexicons associated with the medical profession
  • Brand names and phrases which help medical transcriptionists to carry out their daily tasks smoothly
  • To maintain secrecy for honoring any confidential agreement: If the organization has signed any confidential agreement due to sensitivity of the information to be derived, it is always recommended to opt for an in-house medical transcriptionist. This makes it easier for the organization to keep the flow of information in check. The in-house medical transcriptionist is directly accountable for honoring the confidential agreement.
  • Flexibility in responding to changing business environment: If there are abrupt changes in the business environment of the organization, hiring in-house medical transcriptionists is the only option. They can adapt to the changing business situation, and can apply their logic in providing necessary services swiftly.
  • Total control of manager: Manager has total control over in-house medical transcriptionists. It is much easier for the managers to manage the transcriptionists effectively, as they are working in the same domain/building of the organization. They can even give regular instructions to the in-house medical transcriptionists about their day-to-day activities.
  • Performance based appraisal: The in-house transcriptionists are full-time employees of the organization. But their appraisal is based totally on performance, hence, they have the additional incentive to raise their bar, and prove their efficiency to grow in the organization. This makes the performance of the in-house transcriptionists formidable.
  • Increased quality and efficiency: If medical transcriptions are outsourced from a third party, the files that the organization receives may not be of superior quality. It is also possible that the transcribed files do not reach on time. Even if the organization gets the files on it, checking them to ensure the quality becomes a headache. Hence, it is always advisable for the organization to recruit in-house medical transcriptionists, who can deliver the quality on timely basis.
  • Preserving sensitive data with the organization: When an organization outsources medical transcriptions to a third party they take a risk of losing sensitive data to the outsourced party. By hiring in-house transcriptionists, the organization can preserve the sensitive data and honor their part of agreement with the client.

Recruiting in-house medical transcriptionists has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Being a Global Medical Transcription Companie, we understand the needs of our clients, and can provide customized solutions as per their needs. If you wish to learn more about Mediscribes, click here.

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