The Diablo 3 game is here and ready for you to download onto your pc and start playing. Diablo II brought to the players the hardcore mode that allows you to die permanently when the character dies. This means that when the character dies you do not start again at the point of death you begin again at the beginning of the game. The Diablo 3 download has been greatly anticipated by the players of the previous two versions. Be ready gamers because the Diablo 3 game has new and exciting things to offer.
If you have ever gotten a game download and then discovered that your system could not support the game or the graphics of the game then you know how important it is that you read the Diablo 3 system requirements before you begin the Diablo 3 download. 
The minimum Diablo 3 system requirements that you need to play the game are;
Windows XP with the latest service pack and DX 9.0 with 1 GB of RAM
Windows Vista with the latest service packs and DX 9.0 with 1.5 GB of RAM
Windows 7 with the latest service packs and DX 9.0 with 1.5 GB of RAM
NVIDIA, GeForce, 7800 GT X1950 Pro or better
Intel Pentium processor D 2.8 GHz or
An AMD Athlon Radeon 64 X2 4400+
12 GB HD space needs to be available
Broadband internet connection
A resolution with a minimum of 1024 x 748
The suggested Diablo 3 system requirements before you get the Diablo 3 download are basically the same as the required version but you must be aware that not all wireless connections are equal to a broadband connection and some of them will not be able to support the Diablo 3 download.
The Diablo 3 Game introduces new characters called followers and artisans. There are a total of three followers that will accompany you through the game but you can only have one of the followers with you at a time. The good part of the followers in the Diablo 3 game is that when you level up the followers will level up as well even the ones that were not with you.
There are two different artisans that will stay with you and craft the items that you need throughout the game play. The blacksmith and the jeweler will craft the necessary tools and items you need for the Diablo 3 game.
Before you attempt the Diablo 3 download make sure that you have the correct Diablo 3 system requirements on your pc.