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Band Members Include Tony and Paul Rovillard, Rick Manasa the Keyboardist from Bob Seger Silver Bullet Band, and Jerome Carr the Bassist from The Time.

Tony and Paul Rovillard, also known as “the twins” (as they are, fraternal twins!), started Location of Incident after working in Law Enforcement for over 20 years each; in Maryland, Delaware and Washington DC for multiple City, County and State Law Enforcement jurisdictions, as well as the Federal Government.But innate their need to play music didn’t start there.  The twins grew up with a rich passion for music and performing. After the divorce of their parents, “The Twins” were raised by their maternal grandmother, Anna Mae Sowin, who provided them with a healthy and stimulating environment, and enhanced the influence of music in their lives. With a growing interest, Tony received a drum set and Paul an alto sax, with lessons that continued for years. The brothers attended every free concert performance they could reasonably travel to, spent countless hours listening to, and learning music, and later on, Paul taught himself to play piano and keys.
Throughout their childhood, Tony and Paul started numerous bands that helped foster their talent and gain recognition as well respected musicians. Not only did they play in their own bands, but they backed up artists such as Del Shannon, Dee Dee Sharp, and Tiny Tim. After years of playing various gigs, they began to garner the attention of several management agencies, most notably Leber and Krebs, who handled the careers of Aerosmith and Ted Nugent. In June 2011, Tony received a phone call from his high school friend who spoke convincingly to the twins about the urgency of pursuing their dream and getting back to a recording studio. Today, “The Twins” are now known throughout the East Coast Beach Resorts as Location of Incident.  They are now back and better than ever, with “Strong Without My Fears”.  They are accompanied by Rick Manasa, the keyboardist from Bob Seger’s Silver Bullet Band, and Jerome Carr, the bassist from The Time. Tony and Paul selected the name “Location of Incident” because of its relevance to their comeback in the music industry. Additionally, they consider anywhere they play their music as the“location”, and telling their stories through their music as the “incident”, and obviously it also refers to their 2nd love, Law Enforcement!
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