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Emerging New Artist Takes Over Stage in Copenhagen and Sets Sights on Paris

New York, New York, (July 17, 2014)--Breakthrough artist Bianca Raquel, (, recently took the lead while on stage at Copenhagen’s Jazz Festival this past week. The writer/producer/vocalist arranged and performed a few sets with band mates Ken Linh Doky on keyboard, Gulliaume Mushalle on guitar, Jerry Pavaye on bass and Ugo Stradella on drums. Throughout the three-night music fest, Rolling Stones members Darryl Jones and Tom Ries came to check out her set and show appreciation. Bianca performed her latest single “No Liquor”, as well as her own modern remakes of classic songs. Fresh off her successful Copenhagen Jazz Festival run, the artist is now gearing up to head to Paris, France to give attendees a show to remember.“Every night in Copenhagen I really gave it my all, along with my band.” Begins Bianca Raquel. “We've worked really hard together, making sure that we mesh well from all angles and always staying on the same page. My performance there was incredible, and it was not only exciting to perform in front of such a lovely crowd, but to also know that some respected figures were jamming along was amazing. Copenhagen was a hit and I loved it, Paris here I come!”
BiancaRaquel is a young emerging talent poised to stake her claim in themusic industry. With her distinct vocals and ability to produce, writeand arrange her own music, she’s a true artist with afull hands-on approach. As the daughter of acclaimed music director andproducer Ray Chew, Bianca has seen firsthand the hard work anddedication that goes into creating music. Since the tender age of 8 shehas been carving out her own path to musical success and continues to experiment with new sounds and fresh approaches to song writing--forging her own musical identity. Bianca recently released a new single and video to “No Liquor”, a unique remake of Kanye West’s 213 Yeezus album hit “Hold My Liquor”. Her song, “Moments”, was also featured on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop. Another track was recently included on the Step Up: All In soundtrack, performed, written and co-produced by Bianca, “Turn It Up”with Celestina.
For more information on Bianca Raquel please visit her website at For promo requests, or to set up an interview with Bianca Raquel please call 877-841-7244, or email .
About Bianca Raquel
Bianca Raquel is a New York based singer, songwriter, producer, and arranger. As the daughter of world renowned musical director/arranger Ray Chew, she was practically raised in the world-famous Apollo Theatre. At age 13, Bianca Raquel was the youngest person to attend the Grammy Foundation’s First Annual Grammy Camp and at 18, Bianca Raquel began perfecting her talent at Berklee College of Music. She is known for her poignant blend of R&B and Hip Hop. Recently her music was featured on the Step Up: All Insoundtrack and VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. To hear her music, check out her website,

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