Boasting A Long Career In The Vein Of Country/Americana Music, Dag King’s Music Is An Illustration Of His Various Life Experiences.

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Hailing from Austin, Texas, Dag King became well known in the area for his unique blend of rock music and dedication to the classic country genre.

Austin, Texas, December 2nd, 2014 - Created by an eclectic group of musicians and drawing from a variety of different genres, the music of Dag King is a down-to-earth presentation and beautiful representation of how to combine classic genres of American music. Heavily influenced by classic rock and blues, along with modern country, Dag King was a fountain from which many Austin, Texas-based groups sprung. Carefully crafted melodies backed by relatable lyrics created a listening experience that not only bridged the gap between rock and country, but also seamlessly blended classic and modern music sensibility.

“Movie Music”, the band’s most well known release, offers a glimpse into the life of each of its individual members, all while creating a commentary on the past and future of American music. At times, “Movie Music” is reminiscent of country music greats, and at others, pushes the envelope of sound of music in the new millennium. Guitarist Dag King, who now plays in bands such as Neon Light Cowboys and Rare Birds in Flight, the Austin native has helped define the sound of modern country music.

The sound of Dag King’s playing and songwriting expresses not only in its relevance to American music, but also its incorporation of 80’s European dance. In a strange blend that borders upon country/dance, Dag King remains a staple of the Austin music scene and largely responsible for its artistic evolution. Due to its versatility and sense of timeliness, Dag King’s music has the ability to reach listeners of countless veins of interests and ages.

As far as Dag King’s future is concerned, the goal is to expand his art beyond Austin through weekly gigs. In addition to the diverse chart-topping tracks found on Movie Music, Dag King has also appeared on Jango Radio and frequently graced a variety of national charts. “Movie Music” is currently available on various online music sites including CD Baby ( and the Door Knob Records label.


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